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AirTalk: The Past, Present And Future Of The Juneteenth Celebration

On Thursday's show:  

  • DOC AMA: How California’s Reopening Is Going, Where Infections Are Still Breaking Out And More
  • Rep. Adam Schiff Responds To Trump-Era Department Of Justice Data Probe
  • The History, Evolution And Celebration Of Juneteenth
  • Setting The Table For Today’s Cal/OSHA Vote On Workplace Masking Guidelines
  • LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Is Taking A Personal Interest In Addressing Unhoused People In Venice Beach
  • Breaking Down The Controversy And History Of Central American Migration To The US
  • ‘Ding Dong, Avon Calling!’ How Avon’s Success Started With Selling Perfumes Door-To-Door

How To (New) LA

Angelenos are facing a protracted pandemic, a reckoning over racial inequity, and a smog of mixed signals about how to exist safely. These guides were created to help you navigate the day-to-day in L.A. as it changes (sometimes literally) minute-by-minute.