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Religion and Diaspora Reporter

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I help Angelenos understand the role religion plays in their daily lives and the lives of their neighbors, in a region that has long been a safe haven for oppressed religious and ethnic communities worldwide.

Stories by Aaron Schrank

Bomb threat made to Muslim civil rights organization in Anaheim

A female caller threatened to blow up the Anaheim headquarters of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Uighur expats in LA protest China's human rights abuses

As their homeland in northwest China descends into a police state, Uighur expats in Los Angeles are teaming up with other groups to put more pressure on Beijing.

Indian expats are leaving SoCal to find a better life — in India

"It's a reverse brain drain at a very fast pace that's happening, and the United States lost a big strategic advantage it had."

More Indian expats are heading back to India

Mani Karthik is helping expats on H-1B visas ditch their stalled California dreams for a life of less limbo.

Local Muslim leaders discuss security after New Zealand attacks

The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California hosted an emergency town hall in Anaheim to discuss security measures for local mosques.

LA Mayor's office helping houses of worship apply for security grants

More houses of worship are looking for ways to boost security. Federal grants are available to help with things like installing cameras and additional fencing.

Angelenos celebrate first ‘Secular Day of the Dead’

The new event allows participants in Los Angeles who don’t practice religion to celebrate a cultural tradition that many have grown up with.