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Education Correspondent

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I focus stories on college students who are at a crossroads, particularly those on the first rung into higher education. Many of those students are trying to overcome academic and other challenges because they believe college will be the path to a better life. How do the people around them -- in their personal lives and at the institutions they attend -- help or hinder their success?

Stories by Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

1800 performers at Ciclavia celebration of LA Phil

For its centennial celebration, the LA Phil partnered with Ciclavia and will stage performances by 1800 musicians and performers.

Kavanaugh hearings resonate with anti-abuse measure backers

A Long Beach ballot measure would limit the number of rooms cleaned by hotel workers and provide them with "panic buttons" to help prevent assault.

Proposal would return waves and surf culture to Long Beach

The Long Beach breakwater was completed in 1949 and killed surf and decades of beach culture. A proposal under consideration would remove part of the breakwater.

Man charged with LA, Santa Monica murders had been deported 6 times

The L.A. County District Attorney Wednesday charged 47-year-old Ramon Escobar with three counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder. The alleged attacks happened this month in L.

USC sounds off on new president search

A year of abuse scandals led USC's president to resign. USC's board of trustees wants to hear what students, faculty, and staff want in a new leader.

Community college remedial classes on their way out

Researchers say community college students have been placed in remedial classes when they don't need them. Campuses are creating new classes for students.

Cal State campuses would see mental health improvements

State officials say 40 percent of college students who need mental health services don't seek them. An increase in counselors would help solve that.

Summer Pell grant for college students is back

College officials say the return of federal financial aid for summer through the Pell grant will help students graduate faster.

USC report recommends sexual harassment overhauls

USC faculty and students are hopeful that recommendations in a new report will help the university prevent abuse scandals like the ones recently in the news.

LA community colleges tackle harassment, discrimination

The #MeToo movement is pushing organizations to overhaul harassment and discrimination polices. The LA Community College District is one of those organizations.

US policies against Iran affect hamper academic conference

Iranian studies scholars say tough policies against Iran are hurting intellectual discourse at a time when understanding between the two countries is needed.

USC president resigns after scandal, on scandal, on scandal. Here's what happened

News that USC President C. L. Max Nikias would step down followed months of uncertainty and pressure from faculty. Here's a summary of the lawsuits, the investigations, and who's involved.

Lawyer Gloria Allred announces another lawsuit against USC

There are now more than 200 women who've filed lawsuits related to alleged wrongdoing by former USC gynecologist George Tyndall. Allegations go back to 1989.

USC scandal, on scandal, on scandal: Here's what happened and what you need to know

For the last year and a half USC has been on a roller coaster of scandals — and the ride does not appear to be over.

USC faculty predict protests if university president stays

Major scandals at USC led President Max Nikias to say he'd resign but USC won't say that he has. Professors say new leadership needs to be in place this month.