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I focus stories on college students who are at a crossroads, particularly those on the first rung into higher education. Many of those students are trying to overcome academic and other challenges because they believe college will be the path to a better life. How do the people around them -- in their personal lives and at the institutions they attend -- help or hinder their success?

Stories by Adolfo Guzman-Lopez

This new chatbot nags CSUN freshmen to show up for class — and they're listening

The university said it's the first in the 23-campus system to use a chatbot that is programmed to guide, nag and hold (metaphoric) hands with students on their way to that first day of class.

Compton College set to regain independence

Mismanagement led the state to take over Compton College in 2004. After improvements the college is on track to regain independence and its police force.

Colleges expanding veterans services despite enrollment drop

Pasadena City College is seeing a drop in veteran enrollment but is expanding services for veterans. Veteran enrollment is expected to rise when economy sags.

USC now under federal investigation over gynecologist

Two internal USC investigations – and now a federal probe – are looking into administrators' role in alleged wrongdoing by two USC doctors.

Latino police chief would've improved policing, leaders say

Reactions are mixed among L.A. Latinos as to whether L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti should have picked a Latino candidate to be chief of the LAPD.

L.A. College Promise wraps up first year

Community college administrators say various types of counseling are helping L.A. College Promise students as much as the waiving of tuition.

USC to hire a new president, faculty want to be consulted

As USC's board of trustees sets out to pick a new president, faculty say they need to be consulted on interim pick and hiring a search firm.

LAPD says investigation into USC gynecologist may grow

LAPD has a telephone hotline for those alleging abuse by former USC gynecologist George Tyndall. Professors say the university didn't properly discipline Tyndall.

USC president's future depends on board of trustees

Faculty leaders at USC approved a vote of no confidence Wednesday against USC President Max Nikias. He’s been under fire for recent abuse scandals involving faculty. But final say over whether he stays or goes rests with the university’s 83 member board of trustees.

More USC faculty call on campus president to resign

At a meeting called by faculty leaders on Wednesday, USC professors said they've lost confidence in top administrators. Many want USC President Max Nikias to resign.

Faculty call on USC president to resign after third scandal

Faculty call on USC President Nikias to resign after revelations of a third campus abuse scandal. Nikias laid out plans for a commission to restore accountability.

Here's this season's new firefighting technology

Fire agencies are counting this year on technology like camera-outfitted drones and Supercomputer-run simulators to fight more aggressive fires.

University of California workers start 3-day strike

Strikers gathered at sunrise Monday on the 10 campuses throughout the state, wearing green t-shirts and carrying signs that call for "equality, fairness, respect."

Cal State mental health services at 'crisis' levels

College mental health counselors say low staffing is allowing them to only see students near crisis. Today's students have more mental health issues, they say.

Community colleges ramping up support for formerly incarcerated

“Those offenders who then get transformed into college students and college graduates become role models for their children.”