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The Southern California economy is strong, so why are so many people living paycheck to paycheck? I tell the stories of these Angelenos, their struggles and the many creative ways they make a living. I share information on strategies that can put people on the path to greater prosperity.

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Stories by David Wagner

An actor finds a second career as a professor

The number of California seniors working into old age is rising. Many of them keep working because they love what they do.

When finding work is a necessity, and nearly impossible

As the cost of living increases in California, many seniors are desperate to keep working. But jobs can be tough to come by.

More seniors in LA are working into old age. But not for the reasons you might think

Close to 20% of Californians age 65 and older are now in the workforce, up from less than 15% in early 2008.

Why some SoCal households are getting a tax hike

The state’s tax board estimates that about one million California households will get a tax hike due to a new $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions.

LA considers banning landlords from rejecting Section 8

Nearly half of the people who get a Section 8 voucher in L.A. will end up losing it because they can't find any landlords who will rent to them.

LA wants to stop landlords from rejecting Section 8 vouchers

In 2016, about 40% of participants in L.A. were unable to find a place before their vouchers expired. Now, that's up to 47%, according to the city's Housing Authority.

New California bill targets online cannabis ads

Licensed shop owners in Los Angeles are backing the bill, which would penalize sites like Weedmaps for allowing advertisements from unlicensed businesses.

LA will consider new retail industry scheduling rules

Hectic schedules are common for L.A.'s more than 147,000 retail workers. But under a new proposal, those employees could soon be working more predictable hours.

Pasadena stays on track to reach $15 minimum wage by 2020

Despite pushback from some local business owners, Pasadena's City Council voted on Monday to keep the city's minimum wage higher than the state requires.

Two new reports look at minimum wage hikes in Pasadena

California is on track to reach a $15 minimum wage in coming years. Some cities will get there faster than others. Here's what happened when Pasadena raised wages.

Here's What Happened When Pasadena Raised Its Minimum Wage

California is on track to reach a $15 minimum wage in coming years, and some cities are getting there faster than others.

What’s in Newsom’s budget for middle-class Californians?

Health insurance and higher ed could become more affordable for the middle class — but probably not the cost of caring for aging family members.

Here's what's in Gov. Newsom's budget for middle-class Californians

"Unless we get serious about it, this state will continue to lose its middle class, and the dream will be limited to fewer and fewer people."

SoCal food banks plan to feed unpaid federal workers

One church in Ontario is opening a food pantry this weekend for employees at the nearby Ontario International Airport who are now working without pay.

Living in California can give asylum seekers an advantage, if housing costs don't push them out

California’s high cost of living can drive today’s migrants away from the very areas providing the most help.