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The Southern California economy is strong, so why are so many people living paycheck to paycheck? I tell the stories of these Angelenos, their struggles and the many creative ways they make a living. I share information on strategies that can put people on the path to greater prosperity.

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Stories by David Wagner

How Trump's new tariffs will affect one SoCal wheel company

Wheels are on the list of $200 billion worth of Chinese goods subject to new 10 percent tariffs. That's bad news for Fullerton-based Ultra Wheel.

LA considers shutting off utilities for unlicensed pot shops

Despite efforts to crack down on illegal pot businesses, many shops in LA remain open. Now, the city is considering turning off their water and power.

California's gender wage gap is now the narrowest in the country

Gender pay equity advocates say California has strong policies in place, such as the state’s paid family leave law.

California's high poverty rate still leads the nation

By many measures, California's economy is doing great. But nearly one in five Californians — or roughly 7.5 million residents — still live in poverty.

Los Angeles continues crack down on illegal pot shops

We're now more than eight months into California's legalization of recreational marijuana. But there are still illegal pot shops all over Los Angeles.

LA County approves funding for cities to address homelessness

Homelessness touches every part of Los Angeles County. But the problems aren't the same in every city.

Thousands of Californians are working while homeless

California doesn't define homelessness as a protected class in the workplace.

Scooter company Bird gets to stay in Santa Monica after all

In recent weeks, it looked like Bird could have been banned from its hometown. But on Thursday, Santa Monica decided to let Bird stay.

What Trump's new tariffs mean for LA's economy

China is the Port of LA's biggest trading partner. And some local tech startups — including electric scooter company Bird — rely on Chinese imports.

LA is bringing back a program to help middle class families buy homes

Families of four earning up to $116,300 could qualify for a zero-interest, deferred loan of up to $60,000. But the money could go fast.

Wanna buy a house but only have a moderate income? LA has money to help. But it's gonna go fast

Families of four earning up to $116,300 could qualify for a zero-interest, deferred loan of up to $75,000. But you need to act quickly.

Veterans offered new kind of student housing at USC

Wednesday was move-in day for USC students. This year, 10 students moved into housing that has never been offered before: housing specifically for veterans.

Pot delivery businesses and city officials spar over new rule

State cannabis regulators have proposed a new rule that would allow pot delivery anywhere in California — even in cities with local bans.

CA court says loan interest rates can be 'unconscionable'

Can interest rates be so high that they're illegal? The California Supreme Court said yes, in connection with a case involving Orange County lender CashCall.

LA voters won't be asked to raise pot taxes after all

City council members had put a measure on the November ballot asking voters if they wanted to raise local pot taxes by another one percent. But now it's gone.