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The Southern California economy is strong, so why are so many people living paycheck to paycheck? I tell the stories of these Angelenos, their struggles and the many creative ways they make a living. I share information on strategies that can put people on the path to greater prosperity.

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Stories by David Wagner

California bill could ban enforced arbitration agreements

This week, the Supreme Court decided employers can prevent workers from bringing class action lawsuits against them. That is, if the workers signed an arbitration agreement. But in California, a new bill moving through the state legislature could ban employers from asking employers to sign arbitration agreements in the first place.

Foreign trade tensions could put tens of thousands of SoCal jobs at risk

Nearly 430,000 Southern California workers earn a paycheck from one of the region's 10,378 foreign-owned companies.

California pot revenue has been disappointing. Is lowering taxes the solution?

Licensed pot shop owners blame high taxes for lower-than-expected state cannabis revenues. "We just can't compete with these illegal dispensaries," says one local owner.

There's a new plan to expand the LA Convention Center (no NFL team required)

For years, the city tied expansion plans to the goal of bringing an NFL team to LA. But a new $1.2 billion proposal doesn't hinge on building a downtown stadium.

LA is losing people to other states while the Bay Area brings them in

From 2006 to 2016, over a million more people left California than came in from other states. They were more likely to leave areas with low-wage job growth.

Milken Institute conference brings together billionaires, politicians, celebrities and "fearless girl"

The #MeToo movement has sparked discussions among the financial elites, politicians and celebrities rubbing elbows in Beverly Hills for this year's Milken Global Conference.

LA drops Arizona from its list of boycotted states

Los Angeles may have ended its boycott against Arizona, but it continues to restrict business with North Carolina and Mississippi.

Here's what's new in LA mayor's proposed budget

After a promise of big new spending on homelessness, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has released his proposed $9.9 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Here's one thing SoCal taxpayers did differently this year

Because of the Republicans' tax overhaul, thousands of local households paid their property taxes earlier than they needed to.

Women can't be paid less because of salary history, court rules

A California law professor says employers within the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals just lost one of their go-to defenses for paying women less than men.

Why Saudi Arabia's next leader is courting LA's entertainment execs

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman held a summit in Beverly Hills to sell local entertainment executives on expanding into the long closed-off country.

Why more and more LA businesses won't take your cash

Businesses like LA-based salad chain Tender Greens say ditching cash speeds up lines and cuts costs — but some worry it might be shutting out certain customers.

Top spot for job growth in CA? Inland Empire

New tech jobs in Silicon Valley may be getting all the attention — but California's top region for job growth is actually just east of Los Angeles.

ACLU alleges pregnancy discrimination at West Coast ports

A Los Angeles port worker says she was penalized on the job for having a child. Now, she's filed charges against a dockworkers union and a group representing port companies.

Why can't I find emergency maps all in one place?

A commuter who lives in Ventura but works in Santa Barbara County asks KPCC why it's so hard to find out what's going on both where she lives and where she works.