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Los Angeles is the most diverse and interesting food city in the United States. It’s a place where street tacos are as revered as any 12-course omakase dinner — and rightly so. My job is to connect hungry Angelenos — through food — to the culture, history, people, and neighborhoods that make up our city.

Stories by Elina Shatkin

Academy kicks out Harvey Weinstein

How do you solve a problem like Harvey Weinstein? The folks who hand out the Oscars have expelled the movie producer from their ranks.

Gloria Allred has no problem with her daughter advising Harvey Weinstein

And she thinks Weinstein is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

Harvey Weinstein fired amid sexual harassment allegations

The week keeps getting worse for the movie mogul.

LA Press Club won't take back Harvey Weinstein's 'Truthteller' award

The organization won't rescind the award it gave to the movie mogul earlier this year, despite receiving hate mail.

Wild waves batter LA and OC beaches

Waves have been averaging around 6 feet high and rising to 15 feet in some spots along the Southern California coast.

That's not a bomb, it's an opossum

Fear turned to confusion turned to "awww" as the LAPD's bomb squad handled what'll probably be its cutest call all year.

US Marshals shoot attempted murder suspect in Duarte

 L.A. County Sheriff's deputies are investigating the circumstances that led to a fatal officer-involved shooting in Duarte on Friday afternoon.

One of the country's biggest back-to-school giveaways happens this week

For three decades, families in need have turned to the Fred Jordan Mission to get much needed supplies for the school year.

Hurricane Maria's impact on Puerto Rico — in pictures

A week-and-a-half after the storm hit Puerto Rico, the island remains in shambles as many residents cope without power, clean water or food.

Two people hit by trains this weekend

One person died and another was injured when L.A. trains collided with pedestrians.

Trump replaces travel ban with new restrictions

The president issued new travel regulations that ban or restrict people from certain countries from entering the U.S. for 180 days.

California's official state dinosaur: The Augustynolophus

Meet Augustynolophus morrisi. The dinosaur was last seen in California about 66 million years ago, before an asteroid wiped out most life on Earth.

LAPD officer killed in motorcycle crash

The crash prompted a partial closure of several streets near the scene. John Gasparyan, 34, was part of the LAPD's Valley Traffic Division. He had been on the force for 10 years.

Quake in Mexico kills at least 217, help from LA on the way

Adding poignancy and a touch of the surreal, Tuesday's magnitude-7.1 quake struck on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 earthquake that killed thousands. Just hours earlier, people around Mexico had held earthquake drills to mark the date.

Cassini's last picture — and 13 more stunning pictures from the spacecraft

From Saturn's dense rings to the icy craters of Enceladus, the images Cassini gathered will be studied by scientists for years.