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Senior Environment Reporter

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Emily Guerin is the Senior Environment Reporter at KPCC. She has been reporting on energy and environmental issues in the American West since 2012.

Guerin came to KPCC from North Dakota, where she covered the state’s historic oil and gas boom for Inside Energy, a multimedia journalism collaboration covering energy issues in Wyoming, Colorado and North Dakota. She won multiple awards for her reporting, including two regional Edward R. Murrow awards for stories on oilfield spills.

Previously, she lived in a town of 1,200 on Colorado’s rural Western Slope while reporting on natural resource and environmental issues for the Western magazine High Country News. She has also lead wilderness trips for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

Guerin got her start in journalism reporting on the hidden back stories of abandoned buildings in Portland, Maine, while writing a column called “That’s My Dump!”

She graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in Environmental Studies and History. Emily enjoys exploring out-of-the-way and otherwise overlooked places, a good cup of tea and riding her bike. She has lived in all four U.S. time zones.

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Stories by Emily Guerin

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To meet ambitious clean air goals, the ports of L.A. and Long Beach are proposing to overhaul their truck fleets for a second time. But this time they have to win back the trust of skeptical drivers.

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Federal officials say the new rule was redundant, expensive and not based on science. Environmentalists disagree.

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A new study found that up to 70 percent of the time, emissions controls in heavy trucks may not work. That has big implications for smoggy Southern California.

We fact-check Dana Rohrabacher and Tom Steyer's climate claims

KPCC interviewed Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and businessman Tom Steyer about President Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate agreement. Here's an annotated transcript.

Climate change costs triple in big, hot cities like LA

A phenomenon in which buildings and paved surfaces absorb heat can raise temperatures in cities by as much as 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

LA, OC veterans don't have a local cemetery. That could change

For decades, servicemen and women who want to be buried in a veteran’s cemetery in Los Angeles or Orange Counties have been out of luck. The closest cemeteries with space are in Riverside, San Diego or Bakersfield, which makes it inconvenient for families to pay their respects.

Trump budget includes cuts to EPA Superfund, beach monitoring

The Environmental Protection Agency would see a 31 percent cut — more than any other federal agency. Cuts would affect many local programs in Southern California.

Critics say Interior nominee has conflicts of interest in California

The deputy Interior secretary helps manage a fifth of the nation's land. Nominee David Bernhardt has lobbied on behalf of water and energy interests in the past.

How to comment on the review of 6 California national monuments

The Department of Interior's 60-day comment period began May 11. The Trump administration is considering altering the boundaries of 27 monuments or even eliminating them.

With little science, SoCal cities struggle to formulate coyote policies

Donna Perez was stooped over in her backyard, fixing a sprinkler, when she heard her dog start shrieking.

Santa Monica is 're-wilding' a beach to protect against sea level rise

A project is restoring a 2-acre section of Santa Monica beach to its original state as a dune ecosystem. It's also designed to provide a habitat for animals.

With little science, cities struggle to formulate coyote policies

Coyotes have attacked pets and even humans. But with almost no research on what causes coyote-human conflicts and how to prevent them, it's hard to make policy.

Are CA national monuments at risk in Trump review?

Long before it became a national park, miners convinced Congress to reduce Joshua Tree National Monument by a third so they could keep digging for ore.

LA County environmental report card 'a disappointment'

In their second such report, UCLA researchers give LA county grades ranging from C- to B on categories from transportation to renewable energy use.