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Assistant Producer, AirTalk

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Julia Murray is an Assistant Producer for AirTalk with Larry Mantle.

Prior to joining KPCC, Julia interned at Los Angeles Magazine and the Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency. She has also done editorial work for various independent authors and enjoys storytelling through writing and audio.

Julia was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and graduated from Occidental College with a B.A. in English and minors in Biology and Interdisciplinary Writing. She loves books, music and tending to her rapidly growing collection of plants.

Stories by Julia Murray

State Of The Arts: After A Year Of Closures, LA’s Indoor Museums Can Finally Open Their Doors Again. How Do They Plan To Do So?

When stay-at-home orders were issued last March in SoCal, few museums could imagine that their physical exhibitions would remain shut to visitors not just for weeks or months, but for an entire year.

For Hollywood Streaming Giants, Archival Content Is A Huge Consumer Draw. But How Are They Dealing With Past Problematic Films?

For major Hollywood studios launching streaming services, film archives are a lucrative and nostalgic selling point— but they are also home to films with racist, homophobic and other unsavory elements that viewers don’t want to consume.

Rep. Adam Schiff On What The Federal Stimulus Means For LA And The Ongoing Capitol Insurrection Investigation

Yesterday President Biden signed into law the $1.9 trillion federal stimulus bill, which will include checks sent to individual Americans and $1.35 billion headed directly to the City of Los Angeles.

LA Is Expected To Receive Over A Billion Dollars From The Federal Stimulus. How Should The City Use It?

Los Angeles city leaders received good news yesterday following the passage of the federal stimulus bill, which will allocate $1.35 billion to the city.

In American Offices, Remote Work Is Now The Norm— And That’s A Relief For Many Autistic People

While many disabled people and disability advocates have pushed for remote work options for years, it only became normalized when workplaces that could move online were forced to with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Black Churches Have Long Been An Important Part Of African-American Life. How Is That Evolving?

Churches and mosques have held an important role in the lives of many Black Americans, whether as sites of racial solidarity in the fight for civil rights or as spaces for community building.

Amazon Workers At An Alabama Warehouse Are Pushing To Unionize, With Far-Reaching Implications

President Joe Biden said workers in Alabama and across the country have the right to join a union without intimidation from their companies. His comments come as Amazon workers in the state are voting on whether they should unionize.

What Is A SPAC And Why Are Celebrities Getting Involved?

Shaquille O’Neal has one, as does Serena Williams and former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. What exactly are SPACs, the investment trend that’s grown popular among the wealthiest Americans during the pandemic?

Thousands Of Doctors In America Can’t Get Into Residency Programs. What Will It Mean For America’s Physician Shortage?

In recent years, medical schools have been producing more doctors, but hospital residency programs— a crucial step doctors must take to become fully licensed in the states— can’t keep up.

As LA County Expands Vaccination Eligibility, We Look At The Ethical Issues In California’s Rollout

Many essential workers, teachers and emergency service workers are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Los Angeles County— though supplies remain constrained, and ethical issues abound.

LAUSD Plans To Hire Climate Coaches Instead Of Cops. What Will That Look Like?

Last week, the LA Unified School Board voted to cut a third of the school police force and instead divert funds to hire counselors, restorative justice advisors and “climate coaches.”

Federal Law Enforcement Investigation Shifts To Building Conspiracy Cases Against Capitol Insurrectionists

The FBI’s investigation into the January 6th Capitol attack is evolving as investigators move toward building cases alleging that some of the rioters carefully planned the attack.

Vice President Kamala Harris And The Contemporary And Historical Influence of Black Sororities

When Kamala Harris assumed the vice presidency and became the first Black person, South Asian person and woman to hold the office, she wore a string of pearls to mark the occasion.

Mayor of Long Beach On The City’s Vaccine Distribution

While many cities in Los Angeles County are still trying to vaccinate healthcare workers, the City of Long Beach has already begun vaccinating people over 65 and grocery store workers.

Wikipedia Celebrates Two Decades Of Providing Free Information and Tertiary Sourcing

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, has been used as a major learning tool for many people across the world for 20 years now, assisting the lives of not only students but also eager learners that enjoy its free access.