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Is your local school any good? What does "good" even mean? I help parents understand what defines quality education and which tools let them assess — and sometimes even choose — their own schools. I examine the forces that drive which students get advantages and which students get left behind, in school and beyond.

Stories by Kyle Stokes

LAUSD, Teachers Union Reach School Reopening Deal

Los Angeles Unified School District officials have reached a long-awaited agreement with leaders of the district’s teachers’ union to resume on-campus instruction.

What Could Schools Look Like When They Reopen? Here's What LA County Education Officials Say

A task force released a framework Wednesday with guidelines for the county's 80 school districts as they plan for when, how — and maybe whether — to reopen school campuses.

LAUSD Cancels In-Person Classes For 2 Weeks, Sending Half A Million Kids Home

LAUSD teachers received an email from Superintendent Austin Beutner Friday morning saying the district will be closed for two weeks "while we evaluate the appropriate path forward."

They Sued Because California Didn't Have A Plan To Teach Kids To Read. Now They're Settling.

In the settlement, state leaders, including Gov. Gavin Newsom, agreed to take steps to address the plaintiffs' concerns.

LAUSD's Own 'Green New Deal' Calls For Ditching Non-Renewable Energy By 2040

School board members are due to vote on the plan on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

L.A. Philharmonic Will Operate The Ford Theatre

Attendance at the 1,200-seat amphitheater has been lackluster. County officials hope the LA Phil's marketing expertise will bring in more customers.

Inglewood Unified Gets Sixth Leader In Last 7 Years

Erika Torres is the new administrator. Until recently, she was an L.A. County official advising retiring administrator Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana

LAUSD To Explore Noncitizen Voting In District Elections

A study group will work out details like how to register non-citizens without disclosing their addresses to federal authorities.

Why Is The Water At This Girl's School So 'Gross'?

Tests show that the school's water is safe -- but it's also yellowish, cloudy and "sizzling." The solution? Let the water run for a few seconds, the district says.

Indiana School Ratings Scandal Is A Lesson For LAUSD

The LAUSD board is considering a system to give each of its schools a grade rating of its academic performance. A 2013 Indiana scandal is a cautionary tale.

Pasadena Unified To Close Three Elementary Schools

Pasadena school board members say dwindling enrollment numbers gave them little choice beyond closing three of the district’s 17 elementary schools.

LAUSD Abruptly Cracks Down On Charter Schools That Took District Classrooms, Then Didn't Use Them All

The district says some charters that "co-locate" with district schools have likely forced their "hosts" to give up classrooms dedicated for art, music, science or computer classes.

LAUSD Opposes CSU Proposal To Require More High School Math

Proposal calls for a fourth year of high school math or a related course like coding, personal finance or a lab science for admission to the Cal State system.

Four Years Ago, Parents Wanted To Take Over This School. Now, It's Succeeding

Four years ago, dissatisfied parents at 20th Street Elementary School were so unhappy with the L.A. Unified School District's management of the school that they threatened to invoke California's "parent trigger" law.

On LAUSD’s First Day, Principals Sort Through Who Showed Up

Enrollment exceeding district class-size limits can cause logistical nightmares for principals. But enrollment that's too low could mean a loss of funding.