Leo Duran

Producer and Reporter, Take Two

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Leo Duran is a producer and reporter for KPCC’s Take Two. Leo works to find regular people with extraordinary takes on the day’s news.

Leo came to KPCC in October 2012 from the nationally-syndicated program "The Takeaway," where he performed nearly every single job since its launch except host. Leo helped to develop the show’s fast-paced conversational style and the innovative use of listener-interaction — while not getting a lot of sleep.

Leo got his start in public media as a listener to Wisconsin Public Radio, eventually leading its morning drive-time program, "The Joy Cardin Show."

He’s a University of Wisconsin graduate, an avid biker and baker, and plans to avoid buying a car for as long as he can in L.A.

Stories by Leo Duran

Proposal to pass water bills to L.A. renters runs cold at City Hall

Landlords want renters to share their building's water bill. Garcetti would only back the plan if tenants got their own meters. But the costs would be astronomical.

Drought: LA mayor won't agree to tenants paying for water without meters

A proposal by landlords would shift water bills onto tenants in rent-stabilized apartments. But city officials call for individual meters, which will be costly.

LA city, county swap traffic info for Waze drivers' data

Thousands of Waze app users' data is being given free to Los Angeles city and county traffic managers in exchange for road condition info. How will they use it?

Drought: LA landlords lobby to charge tenants for water use

Landlords are asking Mayor Garcetti to back a proposal to shift water costs to tenants, in exchange for lower rent to encourage conservation.

You got a ticket for jaywalking. Here's what you do next

It's similar to handling a traffic citation. And, it's harder for authorities to collect.

Santa Monica debates taller buildings as it expands housing supply

Many residents say denser neighborhoods would make rents and home prices more affordable. Others argue that big developments would ruin the city.

A fight over density in Santa Monica's future

New zoning rules would allow housing developers to build more four and five-story buildings. But residents say it would change the nature of their "beach town."

FAQ: How do you cross a street in SoCal without getting a ticket?

Stepping off the curb with a flashing 'Don't Walk' signal? Not OK. Crossing in the middle of the street? It depends where you are.

More California homebuyers see big, grassy lawn as liability

A green lawn has always been big with homebuyers. But local house hunters are getting used to desert-like yards.

Jaywalking isn't what you think in West Hollywood

Jaywalking: It's when you cross outside of the crosswalk, right? Wrong. At least in West Hollywood.

WeHo uses Taylor Swift song, humor to stem fatal pedestrian crashes

West Hollywood launched a million dollar safety campaign last October to make streets more safe for walkers. Early numbers show the quirky direction may be working.

Transportation Nation: Think you know Calif. bike laws? Take our quiz

Bicyclists don't have to pass a test or earn a license to ride. Drivers, themselves, aren't tested that much on bike laws. How do you get everyone educated?

Can you write about street food in East LA if you're not Latino?

When food writer Lucas Peterson reported about an elote vendor in Lincoln Heights, it became a "corn"-troversy about race, gentrification and "columbusing."

France's complicated history with Muslims

More than 5 million Muslims live in France, but history has created a tense relationship between them and the rest of the population.

To win over people on same-sex marriage, LGBT canvassers got very personal

LGBT canvassers had a longer-lasting impact on people's opinions compared to their straight counterparts. The reason: they shared their own personal stories, and that profoundly affected how people saw the issue of same-sex marriage.