Leo Duran

Producer and Reporter, Take Two

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Leo Duran is a producer and reporter for KPCC’s Take Two. Leo works to find regular people with extraordinary takes on the day’s news.

Leo came to KPCC in October 2012 from the nationally-syndicated program "The Takeaway," where he performed nearly every single job since its launch except host. Leo helped to develop the show’s fast-paced conversational style and the innovative use of listener-interaction — while not getting a lot of sleep.

Leo got his start in public media as a listener to Wisconsin Public Radio, eventually leading its morning drive-time program, "The Joy Cardin Show."

He’s a University of Wisconsin graduate, an avid biker and baker, and plans to avoid buying a car for as long as he can in L.A.

Stories by Leo Duran

LA's selfie-ready art spaces cater to our narcissism — but they didn't start the trend

The Museum of Selfies is the latest in selfie-ready art spaces in LA. But before that, high-brow museums realized selfie-ready exhibitions could be blockbusters.

Snap disappears from Venice, which loved and hated it

Snapchat is a social media behemoth in Venice, where it grew so much that it frustrated some locals. Now the company is moving part of its staff to Santa Monica.

Solving homelessness takes neighbors, not just money, LA leaders say

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and United Way's Elise Buik say fighting homelessness takes communities opening up their hearts to those near them.

7 things to do on Oscars weekend in SoCal

From a fest that mixes music, skateboards and snowboards to several colorful Holi celebrations, there's tons to do this weekend.

Climate change may be to blame as SoCal flowers bloom weeks early

Tulips should be just inches high right now, but warm temperatures in the region have led them to grow to nearly a foot at Descanso Gardens.

No Place Like LA: Ben, who isn't phased by crime

Sometimes talking to your mom is more important than rubber necking.

No Place Like LA: Chelsea, who is un-pho-gettable

It's good to go to a place where everybody knows your name.

How one LA street will change to cut down on road deaths

Spring St. in downtown L.A. will get a makeover as part of Vision Zero, the city's plan to make streets safer for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.

No Place Like LA: Simone found and lost her heart in LA

Falling in love with LA can sometimes start with falling in love while visiting LA.

No Place Like LA: Mary isn't a tourist when she gives the tour

If you can show off the city to a native, then you might be home.

5 things to do this weekend in SoCal

You can play retro video games, see the bright lights of the winter night sky and even have a slice of birthday cake with Benjamin Franklin himself. (Or a close facsimile thereof.)

Businesses take a hit after disasters close highway 101

Stores and restaurants near the areas ravaged by fires and mudslides are struggling to stay open with traffic cut off.

No Place Like LA: Brent, who hated LA since he's from SF

People from Northern California really like to look down on SoCal. Until they come to live here.

The other King who helped MLK Boulevard get its name

It was once named Santa Barbara Ave. But Celes King III saw an opportunity to rename it ahead of the 1984 Summer Olympics.

No Place Like LA: Michelle is a prodigal Angeleno

No Place Like L.A. is our new series that asks L.A. transplants and immigrants: "When was the moment you felt that Los Angeles was truly home?"