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In Southern California, the political system is changing in front of us, from how we vote to who is running for office. I cut through the jargon and provide a “road map” for navigating our democratic process. My coverage aims to help you understand important elections, untangle policies that impact your life, and find ways to get your voice heard.

Stories by Libby Denkmann

Measure J: Proposed Charter Amendment Earmarks County Revenue For Community Investment

Los Angeles County voters will have a weighty fiscal decision on their hands Nov. 3.

2020 Primary: A Few Technical Stumbles As LA County Opens Doors To New Voting Centers

The day got off to a rocky start, but a new era of in-person voting has officially begun in L.A. County.

How To Vote In California: What To Do Ahead Of The March 3 Primary Election

If you're a No Party Preference voter, pay extra attention to this guide if you want to weigh in on the next president.

Presidential Hopefuls Met Up With California Democrats This Weekend In Long Beach. Our Key Takeaways

For a brief spell at least, Southern California turned heads in the political universe with many — but not all — of the top Democratic presidential hopefuls in town.

Freshmen Democrats Talk Impeachment At Anaheim Fundraiser

Orange County Democrats took a moment on Saturday to pat themselves on the back for flipping a longtime Republican stronghold blue. 

Voters Test Drive New Balloting System At Mock Elections

Officials unveiled new ballot-marking machines that will be installed at vote centers throughout the county starting with the March 2020 primary election.

CA Is Fighting The Trump Admin Over GI Bill Payments

A weird legal loophole called the 90-10 Rule makes GI Bill payments vital to the growth of the for-profit college industry. That's made veterans targets for recruiters who may convince them to enroll in dubious programs -- only to leave them buried in debt with junk diplomas.

A First For An Army Infantry Division: A Female Commander

The Army’s 40th Infantry Division welcomed a new commander at the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos on Saturday.

GAO Says Pentagon Should Do More To Prep For Climate Change

For close to a decade, the Department of Defense has recognized the growing threat of climate change for military installations.

My Job Is To Make Sure LA Veterans’ Stories Get Told. What Do You Want To Know?

I want our listeners to understand the role vets play in our lives and the struggles they face, but I need your help.

Fallen Vietnam Sailor Raul Guerra Returns Home

Over half a century ago, a young sailor from Montebello, CA died in a plane crash in a remote, mountainous area of Vietnam.

'United Airlines Memorial Coliseum?' Veterans protest USC's $69M renaming plan

Los Angeles veterans say the facility should stay true to its origin as a World War I memorial.

SoCal military construction may be delayed for border wall

President Trump wants to pull up to 3.6 billion dollars from the the Pentagon's military construction budget to pay for his long-promised border wall.

Military helicopters over Los Angeles, explained

If you heard or saw military helicopters flying in formation over Southern California on Tuesday, you weren't alone.

Irvine law students go without federal aid and loans

Southern California college students who attend classes at Argosy University, Art Institute, or Western State College of Law have been going without financial aid and money from federal loans for weeks while their schools’ parent organization moves along the road to bankruptcy.