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In Southern California, the political system is changing in front of us, from how we vote to who is running for office. I cut through the jargon and provide a “road map” for navigating our democratic process. My coverage aims to help you understand important elections, untangle policies that impact your life, and find ways to get your voice heard.

Stories by Libby Denkmann

A camp for military veterans offers healing and friendship

Wounds caused by military service can stay with troops long after they leave the armed forces.

Man arrested after Pasadena police detonate suspicious device found near KPCC headquarters

The device that authorities said Monday appeared to be a real explosive was not. “All it was a plastic container used to ship drugs,” said Jason Clawson, a lieutenant for the Pasadena police.

Judge denies bail for white supremacists arrested in CA

For a second time this month, federal authorities have arrested members of a Southern California-based white nationalist group with a short but violent history.

Dodger fans stake out team store for World Series hats

In preparation for the World Series, dozens of Dodger fans crowded into the team store at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday to wait for the special World Series edition Dodger hats.

This tough-on-crime councilman doesn’t talk about his felony conviction

During his reelection campaign, first-term Victorville City Councilman Eric Negrete has positioned himself as tough on crime and against many recent criminal justice reforms in California.

500 immigrant military recruits discharged in a year

The Pentagon confirmed last week that more than 500 immigrants recruited to the U.S. military because of their specialized language or medical skills were discharged between July 2017 and July 2018.

'Ring of Red' play celebrates Chicanos' service in Vietnam

It’s hard to quantify how many Latinos served in the military during the Vietnam War, because at the time, the Pentagon didn’t officially keep track of ethnicity. All Latino troops were identified as white in official documents.

More cutting-edge cancer trials coming to Long Beach VA

The Long Beach VA is the site of a new partnership bringing the latest research on cancer treatment to Southern California veterans.

The VA is bracing for a "gray tsunami"of aging veterans

On a recent Monday morning in Camarillo, dozens of veterans, their spouses, and grown children settle into their seats at the Ventura County Office of Education, free coffees and sodas in hand, getting ready to hear lawmakers discuss what’s waiting for their families as they enter old age.

Army vet from L.A. may face deportation

A U.S. Army veteran who grew up in Koreatown wants to become a U.S. citizen, but her application has been stalled for over two years. 

Scabies has shown up at Victorville immigrant detention center

First chickenpox, now scabies at Victorville's federal prison, where thousands of immigrant detainees are being held.

Chickenpox case detected in immigrant detained at Victorville federal prison

More than 800 prison staff members at a federal facility in Victorville were notified this week that an immigrant detainee there has been diagnosed with chickenpox, according to a letter from the warden obtained by KPCC/LAist.

LA Supes vote to move ahead with new jail for mentally ill inmates

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to move ahead with a $2.2 billion plan to demolish Men's Central Jail in downtown L.A. and replace it with a 3,800-bed facility that will specialize in treating inmates with mental health problems.

The Bob Hope USO center at LAX is getting an upgrade

The Bob Hope USO center at LAX is about to get an upgrade. The new facility is in the base of the iconic Theme Building, more commonly known as the spaceship hovering in the center of the airport’s terminals.

Immigrant detainees begin arriving at the federal prison in Victorville

Immigration and Customs Enforcement began placing immigrants detained while crossing the border in federal prisons on Friday, marking the most wide-scale use of such facilities to house immigrants.