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In Southern California, the political system is changing in front of us, from how we vote to who is running for office. I cut through the jargon and provide a “road map” for navigating our democratic process. My coverage aims to help you understand important elections, untangle policies that impact your life, and find ways to get your voice heard.

Stories by Libby Denkmann

Were fears about major party lockouts real in California's top-two primary?

There was a lot of hand-wringing about California's top-two system heading into last night's primary election.  Both political parties feared getting shut out of races come November.

New program allows vets to use private medical care if VA too far

A new pilot program that could provide a glimpse into how private clinics may supplement VA care officially rolled out in the Antelope Valley on Thursday.

LA's veteran homelessness down 18 percent

The latest homelessness numbers are out, and there's some good news for veterans: the 2018 point-in-time count shows an 18% drop in L.A. vets living on the street.

How songwriting can mend the invisible wounds of war

'Why him and not me?' Writing songs helps vets process their invisible wounds in a program that pairs professional musicians with those who've served.

How connected do you feel to the military? We want to hear

There's a growing military-civilian divide. How connected do you feel to the armed forces? Tell us.

Vets are learning job skills bringing Henry IV to life in LA

The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles is teaching veterans theater tech jobs skills while they work behind-the-scenes on the upcoming production of Henry IV.

Landlords are turning away vets with housing vouchers

In a hot Los Angeles rental market, landlords are turning away veterans with housing vouchers. And it's legal.

Brown water is flowing from Compton faucets — and there's no quick fix

Health officials say the discolored water is safe to drink. Residents want to know why they're paying for water they can't trust.

What you need to know in the free-for-all race to replace GOP's Issa

The race to represent California's 49th District in Washington, D.C. is hotly contested and tough to predict.

The VA wants to move a PTSD clinic. The vets are fighting back

Veterans in West LA see their PTSD clinic as their home. So why does the VA want to move it?

West Los Angeles VA opens parking spots for homeless veterans sleeping in cars

Veterans have access to 10 parking spaces, but the Greater Los Angeles VA says the program could expand if there's enough demand.

The scoop on tickets to see Tom Hanks as Falstaff at the VA

The Oscar-winner will command center stage as one of Shakespeare's best-loved characters. Tickets go on sale Monday April 23.

Gov. Brown orders California National Guard mobilization

Brown said 400 members of the Cal Guard will begin deploying before the end of the month to combat crimes like drug smuggling — not immigration enforcement. And the order's happening without a Trump administration sign-off.

Gov. Brown downplays conflict after Trump blasts state for National Guard restrictions

In an early morning tweet, President Trump blasted Governor Brown for his proposal to mobilize 400 Cal Guard members with limitations: No immigration enforcement.

Gov. Brown will deploy Cal Guard troops, but not for immigration enforcement

In a letter addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Defense Secretary James Mattis, the governor outlined the scope of state troops' mission.