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Associate Editor, LAist

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Lisa Brenner is the associate editor for LAist at KPCC.

Lisa joined KPCC in December 2011. Prior to that she led content direction as co-editor of LAist, many moons before KPCC bought it.

Lisa has written and produced arts, culture and news content for print and online publications, including MTV, Glamour and, where she previously served as Music Editor and Managing Editor of the entertainment and lifestyle website.

She worked on the 20th Century Fox studio lot in creative licensing for Fox Music publishing, where she co-created the department's first online store and mined the musical catalogue of film scores, TV themes and soundtracks. Prior to Fox, she coordinated large-scale film, commercial and music video productions.

Lisa earned a B.A. from Pennsylvania State University in Media Studies with an emphasis in film and television. Her dad says she majored in watching TV. He's not wrong.

Stories by Lisa Brenner

How Twitter's new music platform works. And how it can humiliate you

Twitter's it-took-so-long-we-almost-gave-up-on-it music service arrived Thursday in a shiny, boxy layout that allows people to easily find music and share via iTunes, Spotify and Rdio.

More can, less beer? LA brewery among 1st to package Budweiser 'bowtie' cans

Despite a hole in the "bowtie camera" market, Anheuser-Busch has put their money behind developing a "bowtie beer can" and will soon be introducing the new shape of Budweiser to the public.

Boston Marathon bombings: FBI denies arrest made; CNN, AP walk back earlier reports

Despite reports on CNN and by the AP saying otherwise, no arrests were made in the Boston Marathon bombings when CNN and AP reported there were, according to the FBI and the Boston Police Department.

Public Radio Tattoos: 'This American Life' as a bulldog soldier or anchor-riding mermaid

NPR, WNYC, WHYY and This American Life collaborated on a tough and temporary vintage-inspired tattoo collection designed by real tattoo artists.

This hybrid plane might be the secret to cleaner, quieter flying

The futuristic X-48 is designed with no tail, a flattened fuselage and engines mounted on top. The concept stems from studies for commercial planes that could be flying high in the next 20 years.

Boston Marathon bombings Rumor Control: Man on the roof, 'false flag' (Updated)

As news broke of the horrific bombings in Boston Monday, a lot of misinformation found its way onto the Internet. We dig deep to bring you the reality.

Meningitis warning: Officials concerned after death of West Hollywood man

West Hollywood Councilman John Duran said officials don't want to cause panic, but are working to avoid delays in meningitis testing and treatment after Brett Shaad's death.

Coachella 2013: About last night, a giant snail, and how Daft Punk stole the show

KPCC's Ben Bergman sums up the first night's performances with a tidy "Jurassic 5 returns, Stone Roses fall flat."

How accurate is this video? What French TV thought of Los Angeles in 1969

Narrated with cool pity as a cautionary tale for the future of European cities, the urban profile features closeups of abandoned armchairs by the beach and "a blue, flat city," observed in captioned voiceover.

(Live video) Coachella 2013, 1st weekend, 1st day: Welcome! Now wait in line

Ben Bergman is our man on the ground. Soon the sun will own him, but here is his first, and likely his most lucid, transmission from Indio, CA.

A sleeping owl is visual Xanax; an owl in the dark is something else entirely

The Annenberg Foundation's new, infrared live-cam is about to answer the question on all our minds: What's the nightlife scene like for owls?

Video: How NASA robots plan to capture an asteroid and park it near the moon

Amazing video animation of NASA's "Asteroid Retrieval Initiative."

JPL shoots the moon with best Milli Vanilli song use of the week

Confused about electron densities? "Blame it on the Rain (from Saturn's Rings)," says NASA/JPL in a news release that deserves its own award.

All in favor of playing Super Mario Bros across LA's Disney Hall, raise your hand (Videos)

"Pong" on a skyscraper in Philadelphia. Tower-sized "Tetris" in Brazil. Why won't you play with us, L.A. architecture?

Can 4 dogs save all the elephants on Earth? (video)

Viper, Butter, Locket and Lancer will be smugglers' first round of least best friends, according to the USFWS. Release the hounds.