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Associate Producer, Take Two

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Lori Galarreta is an Associate Producer for KPCC's morning news and culture program, Take Two.
Stories by Lori Galarreta

Celebrate uniqueness: Your personal holiday traditions

We live in a thriving multicultural community that often blends with American traditions. Our listeners share their families' favorite holiday traditions.

How LA's original lamppost art installation suddenly disappeared

Vermonica sat in an ordinary strip mall parking lot, but it preceded one of the most iconic installations in LA. After 24 years and with no notice, it's been moved.

I scream, you scream, for turkey-flavored ice cream

With Thanksgiving expected to be a scorcher this year, we explore some cooler options, including a full Thanksgiving meal...in ice cream form.

Think LA isn't walkable? Try the Great Los Angeles Walk

This weekend's 17-mile walk demonstrates how to make a city known for its cars more pedestrian-friendly.

For this Veterans Day, honor those who served by listening

Saturday, November 11, is Veterans Day. We reached out to our listeners to ask how they'll be honoring the vets in their life.

How meals on the battlefield inspired a bold new food show

"Meals Ready to Eat" aims to bring together the civilian and military communities by using gourmet food inspired by veterans.

Can Día de los Muertos survive commercialization?

In recent years, Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, has become more and more popular. But now that it's mainstream, will it survive as its own distinct holiday?

There's a new mountain lion in town

Just who is this new cat?

Tales from the LA crypt: Angelenos share their ghostly stories

From a singing specter in Griffith Park to a malevolent spirit in Koreatown, Angelenos told us their spookiest – and true – stories.

Semi-spooky LA history for Halloweenies

Haunting stories about LA include an original gangster connection to Crossroads of the World and the La Brea Tar Pits' unlikely occult roots.

Here's the most effective mask to combat air pollution

When it comes to protecting yourself against air pollution, not all masks are created equal. A Martinez tested five masks to find out which one is most effective.

California's emergency system was supposed to warn people about the fire. It didn't

The many fires blazing in the state's northern region have burned nearly 170,000 acres. Evacuations have been chaotic and the emergency alert system might be at fault.

Burbank's Blizzard Arena gives e-sports a bigger stage

The 50,000 square-foot space boasts three studios, two control rooms and other amenities designed to make gaming more of a spectator sport.

For LA's homeless, caring is the most valuable currency

Walk almost anywhere in L.A. and you'll see signs of those struggling with homelessness. A new photo series strives to get their message out.

Border Patrol anticipates large protests at test wall site

The new site of the border wall prototypes is expected to draw protest numbers on the same scale as those of the Dakota access pipeline.