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Lori Galarreta is an Associate Producer for KPCC's morning news and culture program, Take Two.
Stories by Lori Galarreta

The Autry offers 'Flavors' from CA's past and present

Ever tried Spanish Goats? Standard Bronze Turkey? Texas Longhorn Cattle? No? Well now, the Autry museum is offering a historical taste tour of CA.

2017 Academy Award nominations: #OscarsSoWhite struggle is far from over

While this list of nominees is more diverse than prior years, The Frame's John Horn and Kyle Buchanan of Vulture.com say there's still room for growth.

How intersectionality fosters understanding about identity

How the concept of intersectionality bridges the gap between the race, gender, class, sexuality and culture to foster understanding.

Nick Offerman details his love for woodworking and the little known story of McDonald's

Nick Offerman on playing Dick McDonald in the film, "The Founder," his love for woodworking and the timeliness of the story surrounding McDonald's inception.

How the Lily Drone became a cautionary tale

Lily Robotics was once a promising and popular tech startup whose claim to fame was the world's first 'selfie drone' but now it's mired in a lawsuit and controversy.

KPCC listeners submit ideas for a new Chargers' logo

The Chargers planned move to LA is the source of much discussion among football fans. Not because of the game, but the logo. Listeners weighed in with suggestions.

How would you redesign the Chargers' logo?

See if your drawings are better than what the KPCC staff came up with.

'Love is Love' rallies entertainment industry to help Orlando shooting victims

Matt Bomer, JK Rowling and Patton Oswalt are just some of collaborators on the comic book anthology created to benefit victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

2017 just started, but these shows already have buzz

A report on the state of television in early 2017. What is there to look forward to? What's coming to an end? What are the latest trends?

'A Monster Calls' uses fantastical elements to tell a dark coming-of-age tale

Director J.A. Bayona says: "The story was written for kids. It's about their world ... and the movie talks about it in a very accessible way, using fantasy."

LA in the '70s: More than just disco and dystopia

A collection of stories about the sprawling and complicated fabric of a LA in the 1970's often forgotten and mostly overlooked.

Cringeworthy Christmas classics that would never be made today

Christmas classics like 'Baby, it's cold outside' and 'Love Actually' have not been aging gracefully. They've been at the center of criticism in recent years.

SFO gets piggy with it: Meet the airport's new therapy animal

Traveling can be stressful, especially during the holidays. San Francisco airport's WAG brigade has therapy animals to help. Meet their newest member: LiLou the pig!

'Always Shine' explores the darker side of female friendship

"I think women feel a lot of pressures...to never have any negative emotions whatsoever, but I think the most important thing is to talk about these feelings..."

What if ex-gang members could Photoshop away their tattoos?

For ex-gang members, tattoos tie them to a life they want to leave behind. Now, a new book project uses Photoshop to help the men and women re-imagine their future.