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Associate Producer, Take Two

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Lori Galarreta is an Associate Producer for KPCC's morning news and culture program, Take Two.
Stories by Lori Galarreta

New documentary examines the human side of Mexico's drug war

Director Bernardo Ruiz takes on the US-Mexico Drug War through the stories of a DEA agent on the border, an activist nun and a Texas-based smuggler.

Can a smiling selfie a day lead to a happier life?

Could there be a scientific reason to the selfie craze? A new study out of UCI has theorized there is a link between selfies and happiness.

LA comedian serves up parody video in response to Pho controversy

LA writer and comedian Jenny Yang's response to Bon Appetit's Pho video controversy is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

What the pho? Cooking video has critics steaming

Bon Appetit is finding themselves in some hot water after releasing a video titled "PSA: This is how you should be eating Pho" featuring a non-Vietnamese chef.

In Airbnb's discrimination stumbles, start-ups see an opportunity

Airbnb recently released a report addressing the company's work to "fight against discrimination and build inclusion". But is it possible to stop discrimination in the era of shared housing?

At 50, Star Trek continues to prosper, thanks to its fans

It's the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek series, in celebration, we take a look at some of the fan made productions that have found their own success.

Celebrities, lies and a literary 'hoax': The JT Leroy story

"Author: The JT Leroy story" follows the journey of the young talented writer, who shot to fame but then came crashing down when his true identity was revealed.

'Argots': Secret languages created to exclude others

What if there were "languages" only small groups of people understood being spoken right in front of you? Would you even know it?

John Krasinski: 'I didn't want to play anything that seemed like Jim'

John Krasinski chats about directing "The Hollars," life after "The Office" and how his "face acting" compares with Denzel Washington's.

Traditional Japanese green tea meets innovative flavors at Shuhari Matcha Cafe

Treat yourself to a sweet refreshing treat with traditional and new flavors. Shuhari Matcha cafe breaks down their signature Matcha Affogato Sundae.

Channel your inner drummer while you work out

Fitness with a beat! Libby Denkmann channeled her inner drummer at a POUND fitness class, a workout course that incorporates drumming into its routine.

Have humans reached their physical limits?

If Olympic athletes can't do it, is it even humanly possible to break that two-hour barrier? Or have people reached their physical limits?

A ’magic’ camp for kids with parents facing cancer

The magic behind Camp Kesem, the camp for children whose families have been touched by cancer and a look at one girl's journey from camper to counselor.

Desiree Linden, Team USA marathon runner, places seventh

All summer we've been following the journey of Olympic marathoner, Desiree Linden. On Sunday, she took on 26.2 miles and impressively placed seventh.

Asexuality and the internet's key role in the Ace community

Since it first came around, the internet has become a refuge for marginalized groups. But when it comes to asexuality, the internet can almost be credited for creating the community.