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Associate Producer, Take Two

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Lori Galarreta is an Associate Producer for KPCC's morning news and culture program, Take Two.
Stories by Lori Galarreta

Hollywood and gender-bending, is it here to stay?

To many, it seems that Hollywood is on a reboot, gender-bending roll. So, is it here to stay and what's been the impact on the industry so far?

Gotta represent them all: Mobile games and diversity

The lack of customization features for avatars has many players for Pokemon Go complaining. But, how important is it to have a wide range of these features in games?

'Welcome to the Last Bookstore': The story behind the iconic bookshop in DTLA

A look at the story behind The Last Bookstore, the wildly popular book shop in LA. If you haven't been there yourself, you've definitely seen Instagram photos of it.

Race to Rio: Diary of an Olympic athlete

SoCal native and marathon runner, Desiree Linden is hoping to make amends after a disappointing turn of events at the London Olympics, four years ago.

Dragon ants: Another species gets a 'Game of Thrones’ treatment

Dragons do exist! Well, at least ant-sized ones. A look at two new species of ants and why they got the "Game of Thrones" treatment.

How Airbnb plans to 'go beyond what the law requires' to address discrimination

A comprehensive look at how Airbnb is taking action against the claims of racism highlighted in the popular hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack.

Meet DC Comics' Midnighter: Violent, sarcastic and openly gay

Midnighter and Apollo is the new series set to be released by DC comics in the fall. Writer Steve Orlando joined Take Two to discuss the future of the series.

#StopBuzzThieves: Plagiarism in the digital age

Buzzfeed video is at the center of dozens of plagiarism claims. But how do you define 'plagiarism' in the digital age where many ideas are shared?

'I'm what most working actors are', a look at the lives of character actors

The new Netflix documentary, "That Gal Who...Was in That Thing,"explores the lives of successful female character actors and the challenges they face as women.

How Santa Monica has helped create safer open spaces

A look at how Santa Monica rebuilt infrastructure at their promenade following the 2003 tragedy that left 10 dead and 63 wounded.

Before you catch them all: Pokemon Go safety and privacy

The franchise that stormed into pop culture in the 1990s has been re-energized as a mobile app that allows players to find Pikachu and others in the real world.

Cal State Fullerton marks 40th anniversary of mass shooting

Seven people were killed in the incident, which happened in 1976. Patricia Almazan, the daughter of one of the victims, has helped organize a memorial for Tuesday night.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Bringing the magic to the Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood bowl will screen 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' while the LA Philharmonic plays every single note from John William's unforgettable score.

An Olympic athlete's race to redemption in Rio

The first of many check-ins with Desiree Linden, who is on the US Olympic women's marathon team, as she prepares for her event in Rio.

A Take Two taste test: LA's best hot dogs

You suggested your most adored dogs via Twitter and Facebook, and we put them to the test.