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Early Childhood Education Reporter

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Mariana Dale covers early childhood education for KPCC. She'd previously reported for KJZZ, the public radio station in Phoenix since 2016, where she most recently focused on education.

While at KJZZ, Mariana helped found the engagement reporting project, Q&AZ which led her to answer questions about everything from the history of Japanese internment to saguaro cacti.

Mariana has a strong belief in the power of engaged journalism.

“Connecting with the community at every step makes for better journalism," she said. "I’m excited about the opportunity to focus my attention on a beat that has the potential to improve the lives of Southern California families and caregivers.”

Mariana was born and raised in Arizona and has worked at papers and radio stations in Tucson and Phoenix. She’s also a member of the Next Generation Radio family, and loves “talking about media with the youths!”

Stories by Mariana Dale

California's Devastating Budget Shortfall Means Pain For Schools, Health Care, More

Gov. Newsom had aspired to make publicly funded preschool available to every child in California starting with 20,000 new slots over the next two years.

If LA's Kids Keep Skipping Routine Vaccinations, We Might Have More Than A COVID-19 Outbreak To Worry About

The number of childhood immunizations in L.A. County was down more than 60% in April compared to last year.

Your Baby Might Hate Tummy Time But They Need It

When babies play while on their bellies, it can help them build muscle, learn to crawl and reach other developmental milestones, according to a study slated for publication in the scientific journal Pediatrics.

Masks, Smaller Classes And No Hugs: What Child Care Looks Like Right Now

What will child care look like in the age of social distancing? Recently reopened child care centers in Long Beach might have the answer.

California Launches Statewide Child Care Website

California parents looking for child care can now try their luck on a new website,

California Launches Statewide Child Care Website

California parents looking for child care can now try their luck on a new website,

More Than Half Of LA Child Care Centers Closed. Who Is Watching The Kids Of Essential Workers?

Under an executive order signed on April 4 by Governor Gavin Newsom, tens of thousands of essential workers in California are eligible for subsidized child care. And on Tuesday, Newsom said he'd like to see child care access expanded as retail businesses reopen in the next few weeks.

Call The Doctor If Your Kid Feels Sick, But Go In For Vaccinations

Many pediatric practices are now using telemedicine. One visit doctors say parents shouldn’t reschedule? Vaccines.

LA And California Expand Childcare Options For Essential Workers

The goal is “to ensure that no essential worker misses a shift, because he or she doesn't have child care during this crisis,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a press conference.

California Child Care Providers Can Prioritize Essential Workers

California is expanding its subsidized child care program to include more children of essential workers who can't work remotely.

Remaining Child Care Providers Must Limit Number Of Children, Screen For Illness

The state agencies that oversee child care in California say child care providers who are still operating must limit the number of children in their care to no more than 10 at a time and screen everyone for illness.

Everyone Should Wear A Face Mask, Except Kids Under 2 (It's A Suffocation Risk)

According to the CDC, the state and Los Angeles County, everyone should put on some kind of cloth facial covering before heading outside to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But there's one important exception: small children.

'A New Industry Overnight': Early Education In A Distance Learning World

Teachers and parents are trying to bridge the gap between home and school for LA’s littlest learners.

150,000 Diapers Donated For Low-Income Families

Toilet paper and disinfectant wipes aren’t the only things hard to come by these days. Just ask any parent who’s struggling to find diapers and formula.

LA County Issues Guidance For Child Care Providers

No more “circle time” – that’s one of the guidelines the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued for early care and education providers who continue to operate during the COVID-19 outbreak.