Monica Bushman

Producer, The Frame

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Monica Bushman is a Producer on KPCC's The Frame program.

Prior to that, she worked on KPCC's Take Two program and the local broadcast of Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Monica began her career in radio as a producer for PRI's "America Abroad" in Washington, DC. Before coming to KPCC, she worked on various NPR shows including "Talk of the Nation" and "Morning Edition."

Monica is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a native of Anaheim, California.​

Stories by Monica Bushman

CA budget, AG hearings, and a fight over a painting

Governor Jerry Brown braces for a budget deficit, dueling Attorney General hearings on opposite coasts, and a fight erupts over a painting on Capitol Hill.

Why it will take a 'family of baby Godzillas' to end the drought

Winter storms are bringing flooding and heavy snowfall to California this week. Could the state be reaching a point where the end of the drought is on the horizon?

Why moms of middle schoolers have it the hardest

A recent study finds that the hardest time for mothers isn't when they're new moms, but later, when their kids are in middle school.

How eating a Jack in the Box taco is an exercise in individual rights

On the menu since the 1950s, and described by fans as both "vile" and "amazing," what do Jack in the Box tacos say about us and the way we eat?

State budget preview, a look ahead to Inauguration Day, and 2018 fundraising

On this week's State of Affairs, who will be traveling to the inauguration from California, how much money has been raised in the upcoming race for Governor, and some big changes in voting laws.

Santa Monica teen paints custom shoes for pro athletes

Major league baseball players are increasingly showing off their style with custom cleats. Some are turning to 15-year-old Wes Burton, who paints shoes to order.

5 food trends to watch, or doubt, for 2017

What do cauliflower, jackfruit, brisket and empanadas all have in common?

What should you do about your taxes before 2017?

The new year is fast approaching and you know what that means— time for parties, resolutions, and, if you're smart, a little thinking about your taxes too.

New Calif. laws, political news to watch for in 2017

On this week's State of Affairs, a look back at the big year in politics that was 2016 and a look ahead to the stories and people to watch out for in 2017.

Why teens want their parents to be like potted plants

Trying to spend quality time with a teenager can sometimes feel like a futile exercise. But take heart, even if they don't show it, teens really do want you around.

With environmental review complete, what's next for the Delta tunnels?

State officials say they hope to begin construction on the massive water re-routing plan as early as 2018, but some significant hurdles remain.

3 suicides in 3 months raise alarm at Fresno high school

This year, 11 children have taken their lives in Fresno County. That's more than three times the amount of such deaths in 2015.

What would be the economic impact of mass deportations?

The total potential economic impact is difficult to quantify, but the industries that would be most affected include agriculture, service, and construction.

Why we have the Electoral College and how it works in CA

How did the process of the electoral vote get started in the first place? And is it just an arcane system, or a check and balance for democracy?

How the Park Service has failed to address sexual harassment

This year, the Park Service celebrated its 100th birthday, but celebrations were marred by disturbing charges that the agency failed to keep its own workers safe.