Monica Bushman

Producer, The Frame

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Monica Bushman is a Producer on KPCC's The Frame program.

Prior to that, she worked on KPCC's Take Two program and the local broadcast of Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Monica began her career in radio as a producer for PRI's "America Abroad" in Washington, DC. Before coming to KPCC, she worked on various NPR shows including "Talk of the Nation" and "Morning Edition."

Monica is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a native of Anaheim, California.​

Stories by Monica Bushman

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A law professor and a pediatrician caution that sharing information about your kids online can have unintended consequences.

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Wishing you could get in a time machine and skip ahead to the day after the election? You're not alone. But a more practical way to deal with election stress may be to stay in the present moment.

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Farsad describes herself as an "Iranian-American Muslim female comedian-slash-filmmaker." The way she 'makes white people laugh' (and promotes social change too) is through her brand of social justice comedy.

What to watch for during tonight's US Senate debate

On Wednesday night California voters will get their only chance to see the two candidates for U.S. Senate meet on the debate stage.

LA's $7-per-mile 'People Walker' wants to save you from the 'unknown future'

Need motivation to walk? Don't like walking alone? "The People Walker" by Chuck McCarthy is here to help. It'll only set you back $7 per mile.

The new show 'Speechless' strikes a chord with parents of kids with disabilities

The new ABC sitcom 'Speechless' offered a rare opportunity for a TV critic (and dad) to see a family like his reflected on the small screen.

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The new FX show "Better Things" stars LA-based actress Pamela Adlon, who's a single mom to three daughters. It's based on Adlon's real life, with some added embellishment.

How parents deal with a newly empty nest

Parents all across the country are dealing with a new reality: the empty nest. It's a time of transition that can be tough, but also a welcome change too.

What is the 'millennial whoop' and why is it taking over pop music?

It's that "wa-oh-wa-oh" line that if you haven't noticed before, you will now. And no, millennials aren't totally to blame for it.

Reginald Hudlin on making the 'blackest' Oscars and 'Black Movie Soundtrack II'

Tonight at the Hollywood Bowl, 'Black Movie Soundtrack' is back. The concert is the brain child of Reginald Hudlin, who also produced this year's Oscars.

Knott's takes guests back to the Wild West with 'Ghost Town Alive'

This summer, Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost Town has been populated with a cast of character actors who interact with guests in a sort of daylong improv show.