Monica Bushman

Producer, The Frame

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Monica Bushman is a Producer on KPCC's The Frame program.

Prior to that, she worked on KPCC's Take Two program and the local broadcast of Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Monica began her career in radio as a producer for PRI's "America Abroad" in Washington, DC. Before coming to KPCC, she worked on various NPR shows including "Talk of the Nation" and "Morning Edition."

Monica is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a native of Anaheim, California.​

Stories by Monica Bushman

Why 'school choice' matters—even if you don't have a kid

What is a "good" school? Do all the choices out there make it easier or harder to find one? Even if you don't have kids, it's something to consider.

How the 2016 race changes the political impersonation business

As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And in a presidential election season, it pays to be an impersonator.

#OscarsSoWhite again? LA artist says 'Make 'Em All Mexican'

LA artist Linda Vallejo transforms Cate Blanchett into "Catarina Blancarte." Audrey Hepburn is "Aurora Hernandez." The Oscar statuette? He's brown too.

Why LA really wasn't the city built for the automobile

Los Angeles was actually a city built for the trolley, and plans for a smoothly integrated freeway system were doomed from the start.

How to make LA Unified a better school district

With lagging student achievement, dwindling enrollment and funding problems, how can Michelle King begin to turn LA Unified around?

Moby on his new restaurant and LA's pros and cons

Moby made the move to L.A. from his native New York five years ago. Now he's got a new vegan eatery in the city's Silver Lake neighborhood called Little Pine.

2015: The year LA finally got some East Coast love

As many Angelenos will tell you, Los Angeles can be a pretty great place to live. But 2015 might have been the year that everyone else got wise to it too.

LAUSD school board president defends decision to close LA schools

Steve Zimmer, president of the LAUSD school board, says he's proud of how the school district and Los Angeles responded to yesterday's threat.

Donald Trump and the role of fear in American politics

American historians say fear has always played a role in political campaigns. In the 2016 election, it could become the dominant theme.

LA's new child protection chief talks need for change

Michael Nash, former presiding judge of L.A. County's Juvenile Court, is the Office of Child Protection's new leader. He tells about taking on the job.

When an earthquake hits, do you know the drill?

When you're at school or at work, it's pretty simple to 'drop, cover, and hold on.' But what if you're in your car? In bed? Or in a big warehouse store?

In college and adulthood, some 'helicopter parents' still hover

The idea of being a 'helicopter parent' is a style moms and dads try not to fall into when their children are young. But what happens in college and beyond?

High school's dress code raises questions about shaming

Foothill High School in Pleasanton, California, has rules about what students can wear. But one junior says the rules go too far and are improperly enforced.

A critical look at media coverage of the unrest in Baltimore

Images of unrest in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray have been shown on TV screens non-stop for more than a week now. It's the latest in a series of racially-fueled demonstrations against law enforcement that have received ample, though sometimes problematic coverage by the media.

Q&A: How will Obamacare affect your taxes this year?

It's February, W2s are arriving in the mail, and that means one thing: tax time. But this year, because of Obamacare, the process will be a little different.