Monica Bushman

Producer, The Frame

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Monica Bushman is a Producer on KPCC's The Frame program.

Prior to that, she worked on KPCC's Take Two program and the local broadcast of Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Monica began her career in radio as a producer for PRI's "America Abroad" in Washington, DC. Before coming to KPCC, she worked on various NPR shows including "Talk of the Nation" and "Morning Edition."

Monica is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a native of Anaheim, California.​

Stories by Monica Bushman

'Constellations' explores the infinite possibilities of finding and losing love

Actors Ginnifer Goodwin and Allen Leech star in a play that is inspired by physics and string theory and alternates between multiple realities.

'Time' tells the terrifying story of Kalief Browder's unjust incarceration

Arrested at 16, Browder spent three years at New York's Rikers Island jail, much of it in solitary confinement, without ever being convicted of a crime. Two years after his release, he took his own life.

Judd Apatow irked by Sony's plans for 'clean' versions of his films

"Clean Version" makes sanitized versions of a select number of Sony films available as an extra feature to customers who buy the original theatrical version on participating digital platforms.

Advertisers are on high alert in the age of President Trump

The highly polarized political climate, combined with the ease with which consumers can launch a social media campaign against a brand, has advertisers on edge.

'Blackfish' director leaps to narrative film with 'Megan Leavey'

The director of the "Blackfish" documentary discusses why she chose to tell the true story of a U.S. Marine and her combat dog through a narrative film.

Lucia Aniello hopes 'Rough Night' starts more female-directed hardcore comedies

'Broad City' writer/director Lucia Aniello is no stranger to comedy. With her debut feature, she's the first woman to direct a big studio, R-rated comedy in nearly 20 years.

Why is there no Tony Award for Best Ensemble?

Members of the ensemble in a Broadway musical sing, dance and act. They often play multiple roles in one show. So why aren't they eligible for a Tony?

A 1980s comic reboot saved Wonder Woman from obscurity

Wonder Woman was on the verge of irrelevance until DC Comics writer and artist George Pérez got his hands on the character in 1986.

A 2017 writers' strike was averted, but what about actors?

The Writer's Guild contract negotiations came down to the wire, and now it's time for SAG-AFTRA to step to the negotiating table.

Cannes 2017: Netflix starts uproar, Jessica Chastain calls out portrayals of women

Netflix got booed by the French press, filmmaker Sofia Coppola made history, and Jessica Chastain's comments about women in film went viral.

'War Machine' uses satire to cast a critical eye on the war in Afghanistan

What does a war movie look like in the Trump Era? One of the first is “War Machine” from Australian writer/director David Michod.

Manchester: Why music matters to girls and why girls matter to music

Following the Manchester bombing, NPR music critic Ann Powers wrote, "Young girls loving music, whatever kind of music, are truth. I believe in them and nothing can annihilate their truth."

How teaching English in China led 'The Wall' screenwriter to big break

Dwain Worrell was teaching English in China when he submitted a screenplay through Amazon's open submission site. Weeks later he was headed back to the US with a movie deal in hand.

What 'Actually' is sexual assault? A new play explores the question of consent

Anna Ziegler's play "Actually" delves deeply into the murky territory that often surrounds the he-said, she-said accounts of a reported sexual assault.

Did Conan O'Brien steal a joke about 'shrinkage'? It may be up to a jury to decide

Tom Brady and a Washington Monument penis joke figure prominently in a joke theft accusation that may land Conan O'Brien in court.