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Apprentice News Clerk, AirTalk

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Sabrina Fang is an Apprentice News Clerk for AirTalk with Larry Mantle.

Prior to working at KPCC, Sabrina served as the News Director for KUCI 88.9 FM, overseeing the station’s news show and student journalism program. She’s also made a career working in public relations and communications.

Sabrina graduated from UC Irvine in 2018 with a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology. In her free time, she loves to read, try new foods, go to concerts, and listen to podcasts. She loves to travel whenever she can, and spent summers living in Washington D.C. and Spain. But Los Angeles will always be her favorite city.

Stories by Sabrina Fang

“Kajillionaire” Writer And Director Miranda July Shares Her Vision For The Perfect LA Con Family

What does it take to be a kajillionaire? Is it worth trying? Miranda July’s new film “Kajillionaire” shows us how through the trials and tribulations of a con-artist family whose livelihood relies on their schemes.

Communities Of Color Are Carrying The Brunt Of The Pandemic

It’s no secret that communities of color, particularly Latino and African American households, have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.

The Unsung Action Heroes Of Any Film, The Documentary “Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood Story” Hopes To Change That

Girls can do anything boys can. Punch, kick, speed race a car, jump out of a building. Nobody proves that sentiment more than the stuntwomen you see in movies and on TV, the documentary “Stuntwomen: The Untold Hollywood” shows us why.

UTLA Pushes Back Against Opening Campuses For Students With Disabilities And English Learners, Citing Safety Concerns

LAUSD didn’t kick off the school year in classrooms like they had hoped due to continuing health and safety concerns brought on by the coronavirus. Teachers, students and parents are trying to manage online instruction. But for some students with learning disabilities, online schooling has been a challenge.

How Is Storytelling Going To Change After The Pandemic? Guillermo Del Toro Says For The Better

Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillmero Del Toro has made a name for himself creating award-winning films like “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “The Shape of Water.” Del Toro was in the middle of shooting his next movie “Nightmare Alley” when the coronavirus shut down production. So what’s Del Toro doing now? Staying at home like the rest of us.

“Tenet” Star John David Washington Talks Audiences (Finally) Getting To Watch The Much Awaited Film

The long-anticipated movie “Tenet” is finally being released in theaters . . . except in Los Angeles. The film’s budget and intention to be a “big theater” experience pushed Warner Bros. to pursue a theatrical release, instead of straight to on-demand. But that means SoCal moviegoers are going to miss John David Washington’s leading performance in the Christopher Nolan directed film. It’s not the release he was expecting, but he’s glad it’s finally out.

A Need For Representation On And Off Camera, Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter Discusses Supporting POC Creatives

Part of what brings a movie to life are the costumes. That’s where costume designer Ruth E. Carter comes in. A celebrated costumer in the entertainment industry, Carter has achieved a storied career with over 40 film credits and multiple accolades to her name.

How To Laugh During A Pandemic, Samantha Bee Talks What It’s Like Making Comedy Right Now

We could all use a good laugh right now. Comedian and TV host Samantha Bee included. The pandemic has upended our lives and in times of distress, we look to comedy to help provide us with momentary relief. But with the entertainment industry at a stand still and studios halting their production, it’s been an adjustment for entertainers like Bee to continue trying to make audiences smile.

Your Kid’s Cute, But Should You Be Posting About Them On Social Media?

Posting baby pictures on Facebook, or sharing a video of your kid playing in the park on your Instagram story, all sound like fun social media content for friends and family to awe and comment on their feeds.

Don Hahn Explores The Life Of Disney Lyrical Mastermind Howard Ashman In New Documentary ‘Howard’

Think about some of Disney’s most iconic songs. Hits that have become classics and bring on that wave of nostalgia. Chances are, lyricist Howard Ashman had a hand in writing some of your favorite Disney tunes.

‘Hollywood, The Sequel:’ Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Producer Jason Reed On The Film’s Delay And What The Film Industry During COVID Means For Gig Workers

Today on FilmWeek, we’ll share part of John’s latest episode of “Hollywood, The Sequel” where he and Jason Reed talk about his expectations for “Mulan” after the film’s release has been delayed twice and the implications he thinks the film industry in the age of COVID will have for gig workers.

LAPD Chief Moore: Officers Charged In Gang Database Investigation, Hiring Cuts, Cutting Back On Mental Health Calls And More

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore joins Larry Mantle for his monthly check-in on AirTalk.

LAUSD Board Votes No On Defunding Los Angeles School Police, Reform Still On The Table

The LAUSD school board voted against defunding the Los Angeles School Police during Tuesday’s board meeting and are still debating the future of its 471-member police department.

Seattle Moves To Wind Down “Occupied” Protest Zone

Faced with growing pressure to crack down on an “occupied” protest zone following two weekend shootings, Seattle’s mayor said Monday that officials will move to wind down the blocks-long span of city streets taken over two weeks ago.

AirTalk Special: Chief Moore On Calls To Reform LAPD

Los Angeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore joins Larry Mantle for his monthly check-in on AirTalk.