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Infrastructure is what we build together to make life better (and the things that break). My role is to reveal the often-surprising and important systems that make life possible in and around L.A.

Stories by Sharon McNary

How much might 'the California Water Fix' cost LA?

A city report says the multi-billion-dollar California Water Fix would cost average ratepayers less than $2 a month, but opponents put the cost far higher.

Thousands give up control of home thermostats during a heat wave

Under a new program, Southern California Edison customers who opt into an energy savings program can let thermostat companies control their A/C

California regulators see methane spikes at Aliso Canyon

Since SoCal Gas resumed gas injections at the underground facility, airborne methane monitors have detected two spikes, triggering more monitoring.

AQMD says proof lacking that refinery chemical won't spread

The air quality agency is proposing a ban on the chemical, but the refineries that still use it oppose a ban and question the research supporting a ban.

The future of the LA Times after major shake-up

In the latest major shake-up at the Los Angeles Times, Executive Editor and Publisher Davan Maharaj and his second-in-command Marc Duvoisin were abruptly fired Monday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Top editors abruptly ousted at Los Angeles Times

Executive Editor and Publisher Davan Maharaj and his second-in-command Marc Duvoisin were abruptly fired Monday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Water agencies chase billions in CA Prop 1 project money

Groundwater storage projects are proposed for Orange and San Bernardino county water agencies. They are competing for funds with some big dam projects.

LA County asks CA Supreme Court to rule on gas field reopening

Lower courts said they lacked jurisdiction to overturn state regulators who okayed reopening. The county wants extensive new safety and seismic studies done.

Long Beach looks to crack down on airport noise

Long Beach Airport managers propose steep increases in the fines airlines pay when their jets bust the city's 10 p.m. airplane noise curfew.

Railroads fined for not reporting dirty diesel trucks

For years, the railroads failed to properly report noncompliant trucks to state air regulators. They will pay a combined $1.24 million in fines.

Ultra Mom takes on grueling 100-mile trail race challenge

Martine Sesma, an ultrarunner with a short history in the sport, dropped out of last year's race but she came back in hopes of finishing this year's Angeles Crest 100

Lingering leak woes: 'An extraordinary number of lawsuits' for SoCal Gas

Although the Aliso Canyon storage field has resumed limited operations, ongoing litigation and regulatory costs dog the company.

LADWP sloshes in surplus water while others still feel drought

Water coming into LA city faucets from the Eastern Sierra is plentiful, but for some water users who depend on groundwater, effects of the drought linger.

LA County says regulators ignored seismic risk at Aliso Canyon

The county quotes a onetime overseer of the Aliso Canyon gas storage field who warned SoCal Gas the wells were vulnerable to being sheared off in an earthquake.

Porter Ranch residents react to state’s decision to reopen Aliso Canyon gas facility

Two state agencies cleared the Aliso Canyon gas storage field to resume operations on Wednesday, while the same afternoon Governor Jerry Brown called for it to eventually close.