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Infrastructure Correspondent

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Infrastructure is what we build together to make life better (and the things that break). My role is to reveal the often-surprising and important systems that make life possible in and around L.A.

Stories by Sharon McNary

As state clears gas field to reopen, governor calls for it to close

The gas field has been barred from new injections of gas since the a gas well ruptured in October 2015.

SoCal Gas pushes back on new gas safety demands

In a lawsuit, SoCal Gas Co. asks a federal judge to stop Los Angeles County and the state's workplace safety agency Cal/OSHA from enforcing new rules.

Transformer behind DWP blackout was set for replacement

The transformer caught fire possibly because of Saturday's high heat. It was more than 40 years old and due for replacement soon.

A community scarred by fire slowly returns home

The Erskine Fire burned at least 285 homes, most in the mobile-home community of South Lake, near Lake Isabella. Displaced residents camped out for months.

County approves new permit for Chiquita Canyon Landfill

Five local organizations had appealed the expansion of the landfill in the Santa Clarita Valley, but the county is running short on landfill space.

3 ways to get your LA sidewalk repair done faster

Disabled people who need sidewalks fixed can trigger more extensive repairs that can benefit their whole neighborhood. Rebates and council referrals also help.

Running to recovery in 'Skid Row Marathon'

An L.A. Superior Court Judge started a running club that includes recovering addicts and others who have appeared before his bench. Their story is told in a new documentary.

Pollution fines could be spent on refinery air monitors

An advisory board recommends spending $2.2 million on an air monitoring system for three years, and about $600,000 upgrading Torrance's alert system

LADWP delays new power plants to consider greener options

Plans to build two natural gas-fired plants near Dockweiler Beach are on hold while a study of other options using renewable energy is conducted.

LA County could see a new tax for water projects

Stormwater management projects to funnel rainwater underground instead of out to the ocean could be funded with a new parcel tax.

Santa Monica will shorten airport runway in prelude to closure

Cutting 1,500 feet off the city's airport runway will trim the number of flights by nearly half. It's part of a long-term strategy to eventually close the airport

Carson sues air quality agency over mega-refinery approval

Tesoro's adjacent refineries in Wilmington and Carson are to be merged into a single refinery, the largest on the West Coast.

Summer energy forecast for LA: Cautiously optimistic

The lack of natural gas storage following a massive gas leak means gas-fired power plants are still at risk for shortages, but not as dire as last year, officials say.

Eclipse will cast a shadow on sunny SoCal's solar power

California now gets roughly 30 percent of its power from solar on sunny days. Grid operators are already preparing backup sources for the Aug. 21 eclipse.

The road to repair is paved in California's gas tax billions

California drivers are footing the bill for $52 billion in new road repair money over the next decade. The first increases at the pump kick in in November.