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Susan Carpenter was a co-host of KPCC's "The Ride" program, and previously worked as a motor journalist for the Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register.
Stories by Susan Carpenter

Parking Citations In LA Are Down 13% So Far This Year

The city issued more than 1 million parking tickets between January 1 and July 31, 2019.

Flying Ubers in LA? US Army, NASA have joined the effort

During its Uber Elevate conference in L.A. this week, the popular ride-hail service announced multiple partnerships that will help it get a flying ride-hail service off the ground by 2023.

A distracted driver killed their daughter. Now, her parents are raising awareness

Dawn and Howard Mauer lost their daughter Deanna to a distracted driver who'd exchanged 14 texts before rear-ending their daughter's car at 87 mph.

As UC celebrates 150 years, applications and tuition are on the rise

When the University of California was founded in 1868, light bulbs and cars hadn't been invented. But its founders saw California's potential.

In California, older drivers die more often in crashes

California has the third highest number of fatalities involving at least one driver over the age of 65.

Banned items during Trump's San Diego visit

Sheriffs are banning certain items from areas the president will visit. Some are the usual suspects but bear spray also made the list.

Climate change may be to blame as SoCal flowers bloom weeks early

Tulips should be just inches high right now, but warm temperatures in the region have led them to grow to nearly a foot at Descanso Gardens.

How redefining 'gravely disabled' could help LA's homeless

"It's all about trust and building a relationship," says LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger. "This is going to affect those individuals with a direct medical need."

MLK's 1965 UCLA speech still resonates today

Martin Luther King Jr. told the UCLA crowd on April 27, 1965, that civil rights still had "a long, long way" to go.

3 ways to prepare your car for the rain

Step 1: check your windshield wipers. If your wipers are streaking or skipping, it's time for a new set.

The Ride: Tesla cars will be able to drive themselves

Elon Musk, the Tesla Motors CEO, revealed that every new model will have self-driving technology.

Lyft, GM partner to offer new car leases for drivers

You can barely stand on a street corner in LA without seeing an Uber or Lyft drive by. But that observation disguises another reality.

Marijuana use increases traffic fatalities, AAA says

Fatal car crashes involving people who had recently used pot doubled in Washington State after marijuana was legalized four years ago, AAA says

Traffic accidents don't have to claim 100 lives each day

Transportation is a dominant force in American life, having many unintended consequences. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Edward Humes offers his ideas on how to reduce traffic deaths and injuries on American roads.