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JBS Paid An $11 Million Ransom To Cyberattackers | | June 09 2021, 8:00 PM

The meat processing corporation is based in Brazil, but the hack targeted servers in the U.S. and Australia. The FBI says REvil, a Russian-speaking gang, was responsible for the attack.

Ex-Trump Aide Describes Pressure He Felt From Trump During The Russia Probe

Politics | | June 09 2021, 6:40 PM

The House Judiciary Committee released testimony from the former president's White House counsel, Don McGahn, who said Trump's repeated phone calls made him feel "frustrated, perturbed, trapped."

Democracies 'Are Standing Together,' Biden Says As He Kicks Off His 1st Trip Abroad

Politics | | June 09 2021, 5:00 PM

Biden arrived in the U.K. on Wednesday, beginning an eight-day trip that also includes a meeting with Vladimir Putin. Biden says he'll meet with Putin to "let him know what I want him to know."

Developer Abandons Keystone XL Pipeline Project, Ending Decade-Long Battle | | June 09 2021, 5:00 PM

TC Energy suspended construction in January when President Biden revoked a key permit. The controversial project was a major flashpoint in the debate over fossil fuels' role in climate change.

Biden To Announce Plans To Donate 500 Million Pfizer Vaccines To Countries In Need | | June 09 2021, 4:40 PM

On the first European trip of his presidency, Biden will announce a major U.S. contribution to the global vaccine effort — part of an effort to end COVID-19 "everywhere."

U.S. Suffers Over 7 Ransomware Attacks An Hour. It's Now A National Security Risk | | June 09 2021, 4:40 PM

Cybercriminals are using sophisticated malware to attack companies' IT systems, and they are demanding ransom payments in digital currencies

An Overnight Attack On Mine Clearance Workers In Afghanistan Leaves 10 Dead

US & World | | June 09 2021, 4:40 PM

The attack targeted workers clearing landmines with the HALO Trust charity. The government blamed the Taliban, who denied involvement. Afghanistan is one of the world's most heavily mined countries.

The Olympics Are Really Happening. For Athletes, That Means A Huge Number Of Rules | | June 09 2021, 2:20 PM

Tokyo 2020 organizers now face two tests: Preventing the spread of COVID-19 from foreign visitors to residents of Japan, and keeping athletes healthy and virus-free so they can compete.

Biden Drops Trump's Ban on TikTok And WeChat — But Will Continue The Scrutiny | | June 09 2021, 12:40 PM

President Biden revokes Trump-era executive orders against TikTok and WeChat, but national security experts say the scrutiny of the apps will continue despite the reset in relations.

Hey Washingtonians! Get A Vaccine. Smoke A Joint.

US & World | | June 09 2021, 12:00 PM

In Washington, adults can now walk away from their COVID-19 vaccine appointment with a free, pre-rolled joint. Other states are also offering incentives to try to convince people to get the shot.

He Used His Poetry To Speak Out Against Myanmar's Coup. It May Have Cost Him His Life

US & World | | June 09 2021, 11:40 AM

"They shoot in the head, but they don't know the revolution is in the heart," Khet Thi wrote. He died in police custody. In opposing the coup, "I have decided to sacrifice my life," he told a friend.

How To See The 'Ring Of Fire' Solar Eclipse On Thursday | | June 09 2021, 11:20 AM

Early risers across the Northern Hemisphere will be able to see an eclipse Thursday morning when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun.

New Evidence Suggests COVID-19 Vaccines Remain Effective Against Variants

Health | | June 09 2021, 11:20 AM

An analysis of blood from people who had received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine found a lower level of neutralizing antibodies against viral variants but a strong response involving T cells.

Students At An Oxford College Remove The Queen's Portrait, Citing Colonialism

US & World | | June 09 2021, 10:00 AM

In the students' defense, Magdalen College's president says that being a college student is "sometimes about provoking the older generation. Looks like that isn't so hard to do these days."

There's A Stark Red-Blue Divide When It Comes To States' Vaccination Rates

Politics | | June 09 2021, 6:00 AM

All the states with the highest adult vaccination rates went to President Biden in the 2020 election. But the vaccine divide is not just about politics.

How Democratic Is American Democracy? Key Pillars Face Stress Tests

Politics | | June 09 2021, 4:20 AM

Some wonder whether the U.S. political system is sliding toward minority rule. More and more Democrats say the system is out of whack.

A Record Number Of Americans, Including Republicans, Support Same-Sex Marriage

US & World | | June 09 2021, 4:20 AM

The rise in support stems largely from a majority of Republicans, who for the first time back same-sex marriage at 55%, according to Gallup.

Supreme Court Rules Tribal Police Can Detain Non-Natives, But Problems Remain

US & World | | June 09 2021, 4:20 AM

Tribal forces can investigate and hold non-Native Americans while waiting for back up from state police or federal officers, but they can't arrest them. Tribes say that means criminals going free.

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