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LAist is officially back — thanks to you!

Hello readers, is live!

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve revived the beloved local news outlet with the help of more than 1,000 individuals who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign.

LAist will be powered by KPCC and devoted to life in and around Los Angeles: the good (sunshine!), the bad (traffic!) and all that’s in between (politics, housing, education, art, food, events and so much more).

L.A. deserves a site that accurately reflects its diversity, its complexities and its challenges. From inside the deepest pothole to the top of Mt. Wilson and beyond, we are LAist. LAist is us.

And YOU are part of both.

Translation: this is a team effort.

As a member-based organization, you already know that local news coverage is only as good as the people who read it, support it and are engaged with it.


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LAist is coming back (with your help), while makes a change

Hello, visitor!

We have some news. This website is changing, and we want to tell you why — and what comes next.

As we told you earlier this year, we’re bringing back LAist.

LAist was a beloved, local news source when it shut down last fall. It was a place Angelenos went to find stories that informed, inspired and connected us to one another.

KPCC is dedicated to reviving it and providing that same service. From now on, you’ll find our written, local reporting published over there.

The site will be entirely devoted to life in and around L.A.: the good (sunshine!), the bad (traffic!) and all that’s in between (politics, housing, education, art, food, events and so much more).

Our plan is to relaunch LAist next month. If you’d like to help us do that (and earn some sweet rewards), check out our Kickstarter campaign.


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A new and improved KPCC iOS experience

KPCC is excited to announce that we're rolling out our new and improved iOS app!

You’ll still be able to listen to the live stream and episodes from your favorite shows, but there's a lot of improvements too. Here’s a full list of what to expect:

  • A completely redesigned look and feel that matches across iPhone and iPad devices
  • Easier access to podcasts and your favorite shows on demand
  • Written stories powered by KPCC and NPR journalists
  • A mini-player that allows you to control what’s playing while you browse
  • Ability to set reminders for shows you don’t want to miss
  • Option to donate to KPCC with Apple Pay

You'll also soon be able to connect the app with CarPlay-enabled dashboard units. We're excited to bring you that, along with other new features, in upcoming releases of the app.


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Congratulations to our spring member drive sweepstakes winners!

Congratulations to Cristal Baker for winning the trip to New York City to see "Frozen" on Broadway!
©2016 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to more than 8,200 KPCC listeners who supported the station during our spring member drive! Your support keeps local, independent, trustworthy journalism strong in Southern California. We had many exciting giveaways during the member drive, so here are the randomly selected winners:

  1. Two tickets to NCAA March Madness Sweet Sixteen games at STAPLES Center
    • Susan Tran, Rancho Cucamonga
  2. Two tickets to NCAA March Madness Elite Eight game at STAPLES Center
    • Josh Markvan, Tujunga
  3. Two tickets to Opening Day at Dodger Stadium
    • Helen Wall, Woodland Hills
  4. Trip for for to NYC to see "Frozen" on Broadway
    • Cristal Baker, West Hollywood
  5. Two VIP tickets to Masters of Taste at the Rose Bowl
    • Michelle Lim, Los Angeles
    • Katherine Gavzy, Pasadena
  6. Four tickets to Arroyo Seco Weekend
    • Lori Malingagio, Woodland Hills
  7. Four tickets to Lakers vs. Spurs at STAPLES Center
    • Tiffany Lu, Fullerton
  8. Two tickets to Jasper Johns exhibition at the Broad
    • Patricia Cudrak, Long Beach
    • Richard Johnson, Newport Beach
  9. Apple iPad
    • Chanyi Hsiung, Diamond Bar
    • Alicia Mejia, Los Angeles
    • Liz Royce, Los Angeles
    • Andrew Schmerl, San Clemente
    • Jonathan Gonzalez, San Gabriel
    • Duane Ragland, Baldwin Park


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Why KPCC is bringing LAist back — an open letter to Southern California

To Southern Californians,

We love L.A. for its diversity, geography and possibility. We share concern over its issues: homelessness, poverty and gridlock to name a few. It’s our home. And it deserves more attention from local reporters.
That’s why we bought LAist.
We want to tell stories that inform, inspire, and connect Angelenos to one another. That’s what KPCC is dedicated to providing, and that’s what LAist was doing when it shut down in November.
When we heard the news, a collective shudder ran through our newsroom. It was the neighborhood blog that could. We’d lost an important voice.
It’s been a rough couple of months for media in L.A. (You can read about it here, here and here.) But the mission hasn’t changed. The health of our local media landscape matters. Public officials need to be held accountable for their actions. The future of our city depends on engaged residents to make informed choices.
We’re excited by the opportunity to bring LAist back into the fight. We have a lot of great ideas about what this partnership will look like, but we need your input. What did you love (or hate) about the LAist? What qualities are most important to retain? Tell us in the survey below, and join us in creating the kind of local coverage that we all want to see.


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