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This Supreme Court Case Could Impact The Mueller Probe And Boost Trump's Pardon Power

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| A case of a man tried twice for the same gun charge by the federal government and the state of Alabama could have ramifications for the Mueller investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia.

Georgia Charges Iranians In Ransomware Attack On Atlanta


U.S. Attorney Byung Pak says Faramarz Savandi and Mohammed Mansouri were behind the cyber extortion scheme that crippled many of the city's computer systems in March, causing millions in damages.

Border Patrol Supervisor Indicted After Allegedly Confessing To Killing 4 Women


A Texas prosecutor says the suspect targeted sex workers in an effort to clean the streets of Laredo. If convicted, Juan David Ortiz could face execution.

Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Settles Defamation Suit, Silencing Women's Testimony


Epstein took a plea deal that was negotiated by now-Labor Secretary Alex Acosta in 2008 for two cases. Other alleged victims, however, have not had their accusations heard in court.

Massachusetts State Judge Suspected Of Aiding An Immigrant To Flee ICE


An unauthorized immigrant and a state judge are in the middle of a controversy surrounding the presence of federal immigration agents in courthouses.

Ex-Dallas Officer Charged With Murder Of Unarmed Black Neighbor


Amber Guyger is believed to be the second Dallas police officer charged with murder in the past 45 years. She faces up to life imprisonment if convicted.

New Mexico Resident's ID Temporarily Rejected as 'Foreign' By D.C. Clerk


A spokeswoman for the Washington courts system apologized for a failure to recognize New Mexico as a state.

Dispatch tape and witness accounts lay out a chaotic scene and response to Borderline mass shooting"


The initial response to the Borderline was textbook example of quickly confronting a dangerous gunman. But at just a few minutes in, the hurried confrontation ground to a halt.


St. Louis Police Officers Indicted For Beating An Undercover Colleague


The September 2017 acquittal of a white police officer charged with killing a black suspect led to protests during which the beating outlined in the indictment occurred.