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Supreme Court Paves Way For N.Y. Grand Jury To Get Trump Financial Records

Andrew Harnik/AP
| The high court's decision marks a major setback for Trump, who for years has fought to shield his finances and business practices from scrutiny.

Biden Gets Two Vacancies To Fill On Influential D.C. Circuit Court


With Judge David Tatel stepping down, and Judge Merrick Garland set to become Attorney General, expect Katanji Brown Jackson to fill one of the slots. She's also a potential Supreme Court nominee.

Supreme Court Stays Execution Of Alabama Inmate Who Requested Pastor's Presence


Willie B. Smith III's death by lethal injection in an Alabama prison is on hold after the U.S. Supreme Court ordered state officials to allow him to have his pastor with him when he dies.

Gunfire, Injuries Reported At Health Clinic In Buffalo, Minn.


The sheriff's office says several people were transported to area hospitals with injuries after violence that centered on the Allina Health Clinic.

U.S. Capitol Police Union To Hold No-Confidence Vote For Top Leaders


"The enormity of the multiple leadership failures both in leading up to the insurrection, and in the Department's response to it, have convinced us there is no other choice," the union head says.

Judge Blocks LA District Attorney's Reforms


A Los Angeles County judge ruled Monday that District Attorney George Gascón's policy to end sentencing enhancements in criminal cases violates California's three-strikes law.

Proud Boy 'Sergeant Of Arms' To Remain In Custody Pending Appeal


A Seattle judge on Monday ruled that Ethan Nordean could be released on bond but halted the decision, so the Justice Department could appeal. Nordean will stay in custody by order of another judge.

Documentary Asks: Do 'Women In Blue' Police Differently Than Male Officers?


Sgt. Alice White says female officers tend to rely on "brain muscle" instead of physical power. White is profiled in Deirdre Fishel's new documentary about women in the Minneapolis Police Department.

Supreme Court Rules Against California Ban On In-Person Worship Amid The Pandemic


The court sided with two churches that said a ban on indoor church services violated their rights to free exercise of religion. But the justices let stand restrictions that cap attendance at 25%.