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Past KPCC In Person Events

Election Countdown — A Voter Game Plan Event

Online Ballots were mailed to every active registered voter in California back on October 5th and over one million have already been turned in. Is yours still sitting under a pile of mail on your kitchen counter? No judgement here! There’s a lot on that ballot. If you’re still waiting to cast your vote, join us for a last-minute rundown of your burning election questions.

The Future Of Local News (Part 3)

Online Local news coverage – or its absence – can have a profound impact on critical community issues such as policing, health, gun violence, housing and education. But how do news organizations pay for it?

Board of Supervisors District 2 Debate — A Voter Game Plan Event

Online The L.A. County Board of Supervisors collectively oversees a $30 billion annual budget that pays for everything from mental health treatment to homeless services, public health to the Sheriff’s Department.

District Attorney Candidate Debate — A Voter Game Plan Event

Online Incumbent Jackie Lacey is L.A.'s first African-American D.A., but she is being challenged by former San Francisco D.A. and Police Chief George Gascón. (He's also a former LAPD assistant chief.) Lacey is under attack from Black Lives Matter activists for not prosecuting more cops, but was Gascón's record any better in San Francisco?

AirTalk Ballot Cram Session — A Voter Game Plan Event

Online Californians will be deciding on the fate of twelve ballot propositions this year. Haven’t studied up yet? Well, get your notepads and pencils ready—it’s time for a one-hour cram session.

How Voting Works Now - A Voter Game Plan Event

Online Things are different and there are questions. We're answering them live. The next election is speeding toward us on a runaway train of rhetoric, doubt, and deterrents. We have some facts, instead.

Prop 15: The Risks & Rewards For Schools & Businesses — A Voter Game Plan Event

Online Prop 15 will change the rules so that commercial property taxes will be based on current market values — meaning a likely jump in taxes, and thus, more revenue for local governments and school districts. The outcome of this measure will have an impact on both the economy and public education.

Prop 16 and Affirmative Action: A Voter Game Plan Event

Online Since 1996, Proposition 209 has prohibited the state from considering race, ethnicity and gender in hiring and contracting for all government-run institutions, and for admissions to public universities. Proposition 16 on the ballot this November would repeal it.

The Future Of Local News (Part 2)

Join us for part two of the #FutureOfLocalNews, a partnership between USC Annenberg and KPCC, Southern California Public Radio. This three-part virtual event series was designed to explore strategies for ensuring a sustainable and inclusive future for local news in Southern California.

Cashing In On The Desert: Dark Side Of The American Dream

For decades, Californians have been obsessed with trying to profit off desert land. One extreme example is California City: a small town 100 miles north of LA that was designed for half a million people, but has less than 15,000 residents today. For over 60 years, real estate developers have sold a dream here: If you buy land now, you will get rich one day. Thousands of people believed this dream, but much of the land they bought was nearly worthless.