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California voters: will you legalize marijuana?

The Crawford Family Forum Supporters say it’s safer than alcohol or tobacco and improves quality of life. Detractors call it a gateway drug rife with health risks. This November, California voters will get to decide if marijuana should be legalized for recreational use in California.

Climate and Sustainability: Moving by Degrees

The Crawford Family Forum Hosted by Marketplace and The Gary Comer Global Agenda

Screening of “John Rabe” with Off-Ramp host John Rabe and director Florian Gallenberger

The Crawford Family Forum Based on a true story, “John Rabe” tells the epic story of a German businessman who rescued more than 200,000 civilians during “The Rape of Nanking” in China. Drawing from John Rabe’s 1937 diaries as source material, Gallenberger has crafted a portrait of a man revered as a saint in China to this day – yet never rewarded for his courage during his lifetime.

Town Hall Meeting for Pasadena’s District 6

The Crawford Family Forum Hosted by Councilmember Steve Madison

Comedy Congress, hosted by Patt Morrison

The Crawford Family Forum The comedic material emanating from Washington D.C., and state capitols across the country, is enough to make any sitcom writer jealous, even if most of that comedy is unintentional.

California’s emerging "majority minorities" go to the polls

The Crawford Family Forum Hosted by KPCC’s Patt Morrison

Making the Middle School Transition Together: a 4th Grade Parent Mixer

The Crawford Family Forum In partnership with 89.3 KPCC, the Pasadena Education Network (PEN) hosts a networking and education event for parents of 4th grade students in Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre. A short presentation will focus on what makes middle school unique, what to look for when exploring Pasadena Unified School District middle school options, and resources for parents.

Dave Barry in conversation with Richard Riordan

The Crawford Family Forum RSVP by Thursday, May 13th

Violin Master Class with Jennifer Frautschi

The Crawford Family Forum In partnership with 89.3 KPCC, the Pasadena Symphony and Pops presents special guest artist and distinguished Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra alumni, Jennifer Frautschi in a master class.

Planetary Radio Live!

The Crawford Family Forum Hosted by Mat Kaplan and featuring Emily Lakdawalla, Bruce Betts, Jeff Richichi, James Burke, and Bill Nye the Science Guy.