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After SB-50, Here Are The Other Housing Bills That Could Still Reach Newsom’s Desk This Year?

California State Capitol in Sacramento
California State Capitol in Sacramento
Lori Galarreta/KPCC

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Housing and homelessness have arguably become the biggest problem facing California. And many legislative proposals have been introduced to tackle both issues.

A lot of attention this year has been paid to SB-50, a state bill introduced by Democratic California State Senator Scott Wiener, which would allow more housing to be built around transit lines. That bill, however, was shelved unexpectedly last week and probably won’t be voted on until 2020.

So what other housing bills are still being considered this legislative year? SacBee reporter Hannah Wiley joins Larry to discuss.


Hannah Wiley, reporter for Sacramento Bee who covers politics and the state legislature; she’s been covering the story; she tweets @hannahcwiley