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Walter Mercado’s Legacy In The Spanish-Speaking World

Walter Mercado gives a press conference in Puerto Rico.
Walter Mercado gives a press conference in Puerto Rico.
Dennis M. Rivera Pichardo/AP

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Spanish language broadcaster Walter Mercado died Saturday at 87 years old. The Puerto Rican born Mercado was known internationally for his syndicated astrology segments on Primer Impacto nightly news.

Mercado began giving horoscopes on TV in 1969, and cultivated a flamboyant, gender fluiud stage persona with elaborate costumes and make-up, and a dramatic vocal delivery.  Mercado’s segments were inspirational, and blended Catholicism with Buddhism, Hinduism, and the Occult. He was hugely impactful on migrant workers getting through hard times, and on many latinos who felt they fell outside of machista norms.  

With us on the line is Kareem Tabsch, Co-founder of O Cinema in South Beach, Miami, and Co-Director of Mucho Mucho Amor, an independent documentary on the life of Walter Mercado coming out in 2020. Tabsch and co-director Cristina Costantini spent three years with Mercado and his family, and filmed the astrologists' last public appearance.


Kareem Tabsch, a co-director behind an upcoming documentary on Walter Mercado titled, “Mucho Mucho Amor”; co-founder of O Cinema, an independent cinema in South Beach, Florida