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Are Workplace Romances Soon To Be A Thing Of The Past?

Staff at GPA at their desks.
Staff at GPA at their desks.
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Many Gen Z and Millennial workers, whose careers have been shaped by forces like the recession, coronavirus pandemic and #MeToo, are dating in the workplace less than their predecessors.

The decline is due to many factors. Younger people tend to be better at meeting people online, and because of feelings of financial precarity, might be more likely to seek out romantic attachments virtually that pose less risk to their jobs. Greater scrutiny of sexual harassment post-#MeToo also plays a role. Workers that might have a crush on a co-worker may worry that their advances won’t be reciprocated or appreciated, and hold off from pursuing a love interest.

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Krithika Varagur, columnist at the Wall Street Journal; she tweets @krithikavaragur