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Celebrating KPCC’s Backbone: Membership And Major Gifts

SCPR headquarters in Pasadena.
SCPR headquarters in Pasadena.
Jon Cohn/SCPR

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While most of you probably know KPCC by the voices you hear on air every day, our station requires the contributions of so many talented, unique individuals whose names aren’t said at the end of a news story or even in the production credits at the end of the week.

These are the people who truly make KPCC -- who keep our broadcast equipment running, who put on our pledge drives and help secure sponsorships and major donations, who put together the pre-recorded spots you hear between shows, who make sure that our facilities at the Mohn Broadcast Center are operating smoothly

This week on AirTalk, we’re highlighting some of these amazing people who work at KPCC who might not be as familiar with but whose tireless efforts are critical to what you hear on the air every day. Today, we’re featuring Senior Membership Manager Deanna Archetto, who coordinates and produces the on air pledge drive you’re listening to this week, and Development Officer Ruth Calichman, who works on securing major donations to KPCC.


Deanna Archetto, KPCC senior membership manager

Ruth Calichman, KPCC development officer