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Kitty Antidote

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What goes meow AND achoo?


This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science, saying allergic cat owners!


We LOVE our cuddly feline friends. Yes we do! But what if your HUMAN lover is allergic? Is there a better solution than buying Benadryl by the case?  


Ebenezer Satyaraj and his team at Nestle Purina looked into it’s all about the spit! One pesky protein in cat saliva is usually the culprit in most allergic reactions. Cats spread the protein around when they groom themselves.


The researchers wanted to make cats hypo-allergenic - from the INSIDE out! They gave cats food with an antibody to reduce the allergy causing protein. Each week, researchers measured the sneeze potential of the cats’ fur.


Results? Purr-fect! The allergen was reduced by almost HALF by the tenth week! And the MOST allergenic cats saw the biggest improvement!


Hello, Kitty!  Now, cats and their people can coexist peacefully. Allergies won’t separate people in love!


Cleaning the catbox, though? Still a point of contention. No, it’s YOUR turn!!