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Apple Pledges To Combat Affordable Housing Crisis, Scooter Pilot Check-in

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Apple Affordable Housing

Apple, this morning, pledged $2.5 BILLION dollars to help combat the affordable housing crisis in California. This follows similar moves by other tech giants Google and Facebook have each committed $1 billion dollars to the cause.


Pre-Fab Housing

Want an outside-the-box to solution to California's housing crisis? Think Legos. Really, really big Legos. Some California companies believe they can build apartment buildings cheaper and faster by assembling them in a factory and stacking them on site. One factory-made building in Oakland took just ten days to put up, start to finish. As part of our California Dream collaboration, CalMatters reporter Matt Levin has the story.

School Ratings

L.A. Unified School officials have been developing a system to give each of its schools a grade — a single, overall rating of its academic performance. But the idea has been controversial, and tomorrow, the school board could end the project. The district considered the idea because California is one of the rare states that doesn't issue an overall rating to each school.  45 states do… including Indiana, where KPCC's Kyle Stokes was once an education reporter. There, six years ago, Kyle covered a scandal that could serve as a parable for LAUSD.

LA Scooter Pilot Check-in

The L.A. Department of Transportation is running the nation's largest experiment in dock-less personal mobility with almost 38,000 electric scooters and bikes moving about town. The city has been running this pilot program for about six months now, so we thought we'd check in and see how it's working.



If you're traveling in downtown LA or certain parts of Glendale and Santa Monica, you might notice a different kind of UPS delivery vehicle: a scooter…carrying a six-foot trailer. KPCC's Sue Carpenter has the story.

Central Valley Food 

A recent study from Santa Clara University found that a third of hand-picked crops are left to rot in California. Farmers say the waste is a financial necessity—a consequence to high costs of labor and low prices for produce. But while super-producing agriculture hubs like Fresno grow crops to spare, many residents face food insecurity.



There's a new pop-up museum filled coveted sneaker and art pieces dedicated to athletic shoe culture. It's called Sneakertopia in West LA and Take Two's A Martinez goes for a tour.