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Two LA County Sheriff's Deputies Shot in Ambush Attack, KPCC Reporter Arrested While Out Covering Events, 2020 Census Hearing

The offices for Deputy Probation Officers Union AFSCME Local 685 are located in downtown.
The offices for Deputy Probation Officers Union AFSCME Local 685 are located in downtown.
Maya Sugarman/KPCC

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L.A. Deputies Shooting and KPCC's Josie Huang Arrest

After a gunmen shot two sheriff deputies in Compton and KPCC's Josie Huang was arrested covering a protest outside the hospital where they were treated. 


The Access Journalists Have While Out on the Field 

KPCC explains what journalists can and cannot do when trying to document the work of law enforcement with First Amendment expert and lawyer Susan Seager.

Native Californians and Prescribed Burns 

As megafires continue to break out across the state, we’ve been talking about the practice of fighting fire with fire to thin out vegetation that could fuel larger fires, known as “prescribed” or “cultural” burning. But the idea isn’t new and it’s something indigenous people in California have been doing for a long time. 


Air Quality Check In

With the fires raging up and down the west coast the air quality has consistently been really unhealthy. What factors into that assessment and how can we stay safe? We discuss how to be safe with this air and what are the underlying issues that led us here.


OC Update

In Orange County, a whole bunch of businesses are welcoming people back indoors - theaters. Meanwhile, county officials are looking to target more testing in some of the neighborhoods hardest hit by the coronavirus. 


Census Hearing

The federal government was ordered to hand in documents to court yesterday pertaining to its decision to shorten the census. KPCC's Caroline Champlin says they are not yet viewable in the court record, but that the documents and the decision to shorten the census will be discussed at a 2 pm hearing.