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Coronavirus: Travel Advice For The Holidays, Election 2020: Native American Vote Helps Biden, LA County Officials Consider Curfew To Limit COVID-19 Cases

Travelers make their way through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), 2005.
Travelers make their way through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), 2005.
David McNew/Getty Images

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Coronavirus: Travel Advice For The Holidays

With the holidays coming up, it's been suggested that residents quarantine for two weeks after traveling - if they plan to do so - or just cancel those plans all together. All of it just underscores the perceived risks of leaving town during a pandemic. So to get a better sense of whether to take that trip ...and how to do it safely if you do.


LA DWP Is Helping People With Their Bills 

During the pandemic, LA DWP is trying to help people out with their bills. The utility just extended its program by one week to give one time $500 grants to low income families to help cover utility or other bills. Only 1/4 of the 100,000 grants have been applied for. 


Election 2020: Native American Vote Helps Biden

A record-breaking six Indigenous candidates were elected to Congress this election... and Native American voters may have played a key role in flipping swing states Arizona and Wisconsin. That despite Indigenous communities being disproportionately affected by COVID-19, among other voting obstacles.


CA Hydrogen Economy

When it comes to battling climate change, California has long advocated for the use of alternative energy and renewable fuels. Now, after nearly two decades the state's efforts in the area of Hydrogen are starting to take root. We discuss the impact and implications of the growing hydrogen economy. 


L.A. County Health Officials Considering Curfew To Limit COVID-19 Spread 

As cases of the coronavirus surge, public health officials in Los Angeles County and across the state are mulling different ways to limit interaction between hopefully better control the spread. This week, it's expected that the LA County Board of Supervisors will consider a few restrictions like curfews and limiting store hours.