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Some Schools Districts Will be Back in Class Sooner Than Others, Getting Ready for a Return to Youth Sports, How Director David Fincher made 'Mank' look and feel so much like 1930s LA.

Amanda Seyfried as Marion Davies and Gary Oldman as Herman Mankiewicz in David Fincher's impressive <em>Mank.</em>
Amanda Seyfried as Marion Davies and Gary Oldman as Herman Mankiewicz in David Fincher's impressive Mank.

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How Palos Verdes is planning a return to in-person learning 

Last week, following a decrease in COVID cases, Los Angeles County allowed school districts to apply to reopen elementary schools by March First. Palos Verdes Unified School District’s kindergarten through second grade students have already to the classroom on a hybrid schedule, with grades three through five set to return by March Fifteenth. The district, which has around eleven-thousand students and nineteen school sites -- has also submitted a plan for middle schools and high schools to reopen, when coronavirus cases go down even more.


For LAUSD, a Return to Class Has its Challenges 

It’s a lot easier to reopen a school district when you are talking about 11-thousand students at less than 20 campuses…But what do the new rules mean for the Los Angeles Unified School District and its ONE THOUSAND school campuses and more than 600-thousand students? 


Hope for LA Schools to Return to Playing Field Soon 

The California Department of Public Health released updated guidance for youth sports in the state last week, allowing high school football and other outside sports to proceed so long as they follow certain COVID restrictions.



What Went Down at California GOP's Spring Organizing Convention

The California GOP's Spring Organizing Convention was this past weekend. The big topic: recalling Governor Gavin Newsom.


How Director David Fincher and Production Designer Donald Graham Burt Creates 1930s LA with 'Mank'


Citizen Kane is considered one of, if not, the greatest film ever made. It was nominated for 9 Academy Awards but only won for best screenplay. There are two names on that Oscar, Orson Welles and Herman Mankiewitz, but if Welles had his way, Mank's writing credit might have ended up on the cutting room floor. The Netflix film "Mank" tells the story of what inspired the Citizen Kane screenplay and how a wise-cracking, jaded writer, played by Gary Oldman, used his masterpiece to take a shot at the media moguls who shaped the political narratives at the time. It's also a peek back in time to California and Los Angeles of the 1930s and 40s in painstakingly perfect detail.