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Taika Waititi Has A 'Rabbit' Up His Sleeve

Taika Waititi directed and stars as Adolf Hitler in
Taika Waititi directed and stars as Adolf Hitler in "JOJO Rabbit," a satire about a boy in WWII-era Germany whose imaginary friend is the Nazi leader.

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Too Soon?

(Starts at 7:47) 

John Horn talks with Taika Waititi, director of "Thor: Ragnarok" and writer of the comedy, "What We Do in the Shadows," about his latest film, "JOJO Rabbit." The movie is billed as an anti-hate satire and follows the story of a young boy in WWII-era Germany who has an unusual imaginary friend: Adolf Hitler. Waititi says the story of the war is worth re-telling again and again, and he hopes his satire will bring it to a new generation of viewers. ("JOJO Rabbit" opens Oct. 18.)

Getting A Foot In Hollywood's Door Can Mean Getting Stepped On

(Starts at 00:45) 

Guest host John Rabe talks with TV writer Liz Alpert, one of a handful of industry workers who are bringing attention to the plight of assistants in Hollywood. These entry-level jobs are subject to all sorts of abuses, with little recourse.