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DJ Shadow Tries A New Spin

DJ Shadow's latest album is titled
DJ Shadow's latest album is titled "Our Pathetic Age."
Derick Daily

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Two Turntables And A Baton

DJ Shadow is hip hop royalty. And on his latest double-album, "Our Pathetic Age," he collaborates with artists including De La Soul, Nas and Run the Jewels. But he also tried something new: composing for a classical orchestra. He spoke with Steven Cuevas about his long career and taking an artistic turn.

An Offer Made To Netflix That They Could Refuse

Steven talks with Nicole Sperling of The New York Times about her reporting on the backstory of how negotiations between Netflix and major theater owners fell apart over "The Irishman": "Netflix and the owners of the major theater chains could have made a lot of money together, if only they had seen eye to eye on the release of 'The Irishman.' And people across the country could have seen the film, Martin Scorsese’s gangster epic, the way it was meant to be seen, on the big screen ... After negotiations between major chains and Netflix ended in a stalemate last month, 'The Irishman,' opening [Nov. 1], will have a 26-day run in a limited number of theaters before it starts streaming on Nov. 27. A sticking point in the talks was how long the film would play in theaters before being made available to Netflix’s 158 million subscribers."