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L.A. Enters A Big 'Frieze'

Frieze Projects takes place on the Paramount Pictures backlot.
Frieze Projects takes place on the Paramount Pictures backlot.

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The Art Mob's Out Tonight

(Starts at 8:00)

Frieze Los Angeles is an outpost of an international art fair, comprised of booths from dozens of galleries from around the globe. The fair also includes Frieze Projects, which is staged on the Paramount Studio backlot. The show features 16 artist interventions that contend with issues of representation in all its guises. This includes pieces that explore the nature of Hollywood stereotypes and the ways in which the entertainment industry fashions perception, along with other pieces that dwell on the nature of artifice. John walked through the site with curators Rita Gonzalez (head of contemporary art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and Pilar Tompkins Rivas (director of the Vincent Price Art Museum).

Weinstein Jury Ready To Deliberate

(Starts at :45)

Both the prosecution and defense have made their closing arguments in Harvey Weinstein's trial. John talks with Clara Chan of The Wrap about what the jury heard before the members begin deliberations on Feb. 18. 

The Life Of A TV Critic

(Starts at 20:00)

TV viewers today have more options than ever before. And while that may be a Godsend to couch potatoes everywhere, for TV critics, it’s been a mixed blessing. The Frame contributor Collin Friesen attended the recent Television Critics Association gathering to check in how the professionals are coping in the era of peak TV.