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Second Federal Inmate Dies From COVID-19

| On March 31, the Federal Bureau of Prisons began a systemwide 14-day quarantine for inmates to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Citing Concerns About Access For 'Seniors,' West Virginia's Governor Delays Primary


More than a dozen states have delayed primaries because of the coronavirus.

U.S. Military In South Korea Faces Double Blow Of Korean Staff Furloughs And COVID-19


Due to an impasse over defense cost sharing, the U.S. military has furloughed thousands of Korean employees. The furloughs come as U.S. forces in South Korea grapple with cases of COVID-19 infection.

Coast Guard Tells Cruise Ships With COVID-19 Cases To Stay Away From U.S. Ports


By registering ships in the Bahamas and other countries, many companies can avoid U.S. laws. The Coast Guard says they should seek medical aid from those countries rather than rely on the U.S.

28 College Students Who Chartered A Spring Break Plane To Mexico Now Have Coronavirus


All of the people who have tested positive are students at the University of Texas at Austin. Some of the group returned on separate commercial flights — widening the potential spread of infection.

Some Snowbirds Headed North Told To Stay In Their Southern Nests


People who migrate South for winter are being told not to return to their year-round homes in the North. Some places that typically welcome their return are asking people to stay away.

Turkmenistan Has Banned Use Of The Word 'Coronavirus'


Reporters Without Borders says the government has forbidden state-controlled media from using the word and ordered its removal from health brochures distributed at hospitals, schools and workplaces.

At Least 5 Rabbis From Ultra-Orthodox N.J. Community Have Died From Coronavirus


The community of Lakewood is experiencing a very high rate of infections as well. Police have broken up numerous gatherings recently, despite a stay-at-home order from the governor.

Spain's Health Staff Are Catching The Coronavirus As Protective Gear Runs Short


Thousands of medical workers now have COVID-19 in Spain, one of the countries hardest-hit by the disease.