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New York Governor Cuomo Calls For Army Corps To Help Build Temporary Hospitals

| Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he has already identified four sites to build temporary hospitals to help deal with the surging cases of coronavirus in the state.

In Oregon, Neighbors Use Social Media To Offer — And Ask For — Help


Some Oregonians are using social media to organize care for neighbors during the coronavirus outbreak. A Facebook group in Bend is teeming with requests and offers to help with childcare and errands.

Despite Lockdown, Italy's Coronavirus Cases Continue Dramatic Climb


The death toll from the virus grew by nearly 800 to a total of 4,825, officials announced Saturday.

Coronavirus Is Isolating Some Kids In Protective Care From Parents And Services


Attempts by cities, counties and states to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus are forcing child welfare services, foster agencies, family courts and parents to make difficult decisions.


How People With Weakened Immune Systems Are Navigating The Coronavirus


People with compromised or supressed immune systems are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus. They are figuring out how to get by during this time of heightened concern about infections.

Indonesia's Capital Declares State Of Emergency To Halt Coronavirus Spread


The world's fourth most populous country is bracing for a spike in cases of coronavirus infection, after health experts say a sluggish government response has masked the serious of the outbreak.

U.K. Shuts Pubs, Restaurants And Other Locales To Curb Coronavirus Spread


The government ordered establishments to close Friday night and announced wage relief for furloughed workers.

State Department Offers Repatriation Flights For Americans Stranded In Morocco


The department expects about 1,000 U.S. citizens and permanent residents to leave Morocco using the chartered flights. The country had imposed sudden, sweeping restrictions on travel.

4 Men Hanged In India For 2012 Gang Rape And Murder That Sparked Outrage


More than seven years after a crime that prompted street protests and reforms of sexual assault laws, four men who were convicted of raping and murdering a woman on a bus were put to death.